Weight loss can enhance your memory


941b4bb0254607e0db862b66c03c392b    Having healthy weight not only makes you attractive, but it’s also good for your memory. Obesity has no benefit in terms of brain power, so the more fit you are, the more active your brain will be. This connection of brain with weight loss was first found as a result of research done by Swedish experts. The researchers did experiments on older women who were overweight, but when they reduced their weight they passed the memory test with good scores.

Studies show that obese people can’t concentrate well, so they don’t remember things and incidents well. Dr. Andreas Peterson from Umea University selected 20 obese women of an age 61, and put them to 6 months diet plan. He checked their episodic memory before and after dieting and found that their memory had improved as they could easily memorize names and faces. So, reduced weight improved the performance of the participants; their brains were also scanned and proved very active in recalling and storing different things.

After the research, Dr. Peterson gave a presentation at a meeting of experts in San Francisco. He said that after losing weight, your brain don’t have to stress to recall anything as it becomes efficient. Hence, those who are obese with certain memory issues should work hard to reduce weight so that they can have good memory. Likewise, overweight diabetic patients also have slow memory; therefore they should concentrate on weight loss, following a well-planned diet.

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How to lose weight fast in just 4 weeks?


8483a0cdd07f2f407d42b49040942463  Lots of people are selling weight loss products, claiming faster results, but they are not only expensive, but harmful too. Doing regular exercise is though the safest way, but it’s a slow process, and needs more patience to get the desired results. Here I am going to share my own experience about how I lost 20 lbs in only 4 weeks. I just followed a simple plan, without involving medicines or strict diet schedule.

How I started for quick weight loss?

For two weeks I only took fruits, whole wheat bread, rice, lemonade, as well as green tea. Here are some recipes I followed without affecting my health.

The breakfast: 1. I took two bran bread slices with honey and boiled egg white, and a cup of tea. To break the monotony and for a different taste, you can also have low-fat butter or cheese so that you don’t get bored with the same diet.

2. Banana and mango smoothie: it’s a great energizer; you can blend one banana with a few slices of mango or you can add one cup of skimmed milk. I don’t prefer sugar of any kind, so I used to put honey in the mixture while blending.

The lunch: On a daily basis, I used to have one bowl of fresh fruits added with spices and lemon. You can also mix nuts with fruits, but always buy fresh fruits instead of the canned one. I mostly used bananas, apples, grapes, mangos, guava, and oranges depending on the season, whereas a few raisins, almonds or walnuts were also in my list.

In the evening, I used to have tea and whole wheat biscuits or sometimes just a glass of lemonade

The Dinner: I loved grilled sandwich of bran bread and boiled chicken mixed with potatoes. The alternate was rice with vegetables’ gravy, but you can also try Chinese or Italian recipe or any other cuisine; just avoid animal fat and fried stuff. But you can take fat-free chicken or fish.

What I avoided? During my weight loss process I totally avoided fried foods, dairy products and animal fat.

Weight loss with miracle fiber:  I never stopped taking it even for a day, It’s kind of husk that I used to have with water, and I started with 3 table spoons daily an hour before my meal.  You can also take it even before breakfast. Then, I reduced it two table spoons daily. However, don’t take it with water if your stomach is upset, but you can mix it with organic yogurt.  Make it a daily part of your diet for lifelong benefits, as it has several other benefits than just losing the fat.

  • This miracle fiber also reduces bad cholesterol.
  • It helps maintain blood sugar levels.
  • It’s a great and fast cure for constipation.
  • It  also helps reduce blotting and acidity
  • In other words it also detoxifies your body.

During this entire process I never quit the daily brisk walk, and I still do it regularly. You can start from 15 minutes and gradually can take up to 30 minutes or more depending on your stamina. However, when I got busy with my computer, I used to walk for 5 minutes after every hour.

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How Foods Help in Weight Loss?


a  There are many foods which help in weight loss, as fruits, vegetables, whole grain and husk, and the basic purpose of all is to have fiber because it fills the stomach. Fiber in both soluble and insoluble form is good for health, as it helps prevent certain diseases like high cholesterol, heart issues, constipation, cancer, and obesity, etc.

Husk: It’s a natural product which is easily available in the market. It’s a fiber that is easily soluble and has natural qualities to burn fat, reduces blood cholesterol, diabetes, blotting, acidity, and enhances the metabolism. For better results you should take it empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. You will soon notice a decrease in your weight in a month. You can take it twice or even thrice a week, like 3 table spoons are enough in a day.

 Whole grains: Avoid white flour and only have whole grain bread or pasta. If you can’t avoid biscuits, take only wheat cookies as they don’t have fat, and are full of fiber. You can also make pizza with whole grain pita bread which is easily available in the market, but sprinkle only low-fat cheese over it. Hence, you don’t have to cut off your favorite foods as there is solution for everything.

Fruits: Among fruits water melon and apple is full of fiber, however take watermelon in a moderate quantity if you are diabetic.  Other fruits are also healthy with alkaline elements which burn fat and protect our body from many diseases. Apple is highly recommended in a diet plan, because it fills the stomach and you don’t like having a large meal, besides everybody knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Grapefruit is another highly effective fruit in reducing fat, as it’s bitter so it has natural quality to reduce weight. You can take its juice daily and it also makes the skin fresh. You will soon notice a great change in you after a month of taking grapefruit regularly. Lemon is equally good, however you should take its juice mixed in water.

Vegetables: Especially, leafy vegetables which are rich in vitamin C are good in reducing fat, and raw form is suitable than cooked. Carrots, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli are all good in filling the stomach. You can make delicious salads with vegetables, vinegar and olive oil sprinkled. Soups are also good; however you can add soy sauce and lemon in it for taste. Instead of adding regular table salt, use sea salt which has organic qualities and it does not cause water retention.

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