Weight loss news – the reason behind childhood obesity is not fast food


images (1)      We all believe that, these days childhood obesity has increased than the past years and we blame fast food for this, but the recent research has proved it wrong. The nutrition experts say that obesity among children is because of their daily eating habits and fast food is just a part of it. Hence, weight loss is possible only with a daily routine of healthy diet.

The research was done at the University of North Carolina and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the result. It says that a child’s parents and caretaker is responsible in developing a poor eating habit, as it hardly includes fruits and vegetables. Children are so used to processed food and beverages that they cannot avoid it and take it both at home and school. They don’t just get high calories from the fast food, but from other foods as well. As these foods have become their daily meals, hence more percentage of children is getting obese. Sweets and chocolates also play a major role in childhood obesity.

The research is based on a survey that was done between 2007 and 2010; the ages included were between 2 to 18 years, and 4,466 kids were surveyed for this purpose. The result showed that it wasn’t fast food; instead the poor diet caused obesity. The research is based on strong evidences, however that does not mean children should completely avoid fast food as it’s not possible, instead parents should develop good eating habits among children from the very young age.

So, the cause is not fast food, hence people should make their kids take more fruits and vegetables than sweets, or unhealthy diet. Taking fast food on an occasional basis can be fine, but should not be allowed daily along with poor diet. The main reason is also that parents don’t bother to make healthy food at home; hence the easiest thing for them is to buy fast food. If parents get creative and make delicious recipes with vegetables and fruits, children would surely love it.

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Top Fat Busting Foods


Unhealthy and fast food increases the weight so quickly that you cannot even imagine it. However, there are certain foods which not only give you energy, but they burn the fat as well. Though, you cannot completely leave your old eating habits, but with patience and time you can adopt a healthy lifestyle. With these foods, you will soon see an amazing change in your health with reduced weight and energetic body. Here are described some foods which are considered super for fat busting.


The body gets fatigued in a process of calorie burning, digestion, chemical formation, waste removal, and circulation etc., and lots of energy is spent on these functions. However, protein can provide you this energy to keep fit, and soy protein is the best way. This is especially good for those who exercise a lot to build muscles, but at the same time they need healthy protein that does not cause weight gain. So, in such case the best alternative of meat is soy protein as it also burns extra fat.



Whole grains are excellent energizing foods, and they also burn the fat. They are full of antioxidants and phytochemicals that help in healing several diseases. By whole grain means that it should contain the bran, endosperm and germ altogether. They are rich in vitamin, E and B, as well as iron, magnesium and fiber that set the metabolism. Some commonly available grains are brown rice, barley, oats, whole wheat, rye, popcorn and bulgur. These grains also reduce the cholesterol level preventing the heart disease, high blood pressure and blood clots.



It is full of vitamin C, and it reduces insulin level in the body to some extent, eliminating the risk of diabetes, as low insulin level does not allow sugar storage in the body, hence you don’t get fat. It burns fat so fast, so lots of people take its juice for reducing weight, because it controls the appetite.

It is rich in fiber and has low calories, but take the juice with pulp. Though, grapefruit pills are available in the market, but they are not as good as fresh fruit. Initially, you can start by taking half grapefruit in breakfast and half in lunch.


Green tea

Green tea is not only good for metabolism, but it burns fat so fast and it’s a great substitute of coffee and tea. It also reduces appetite; however it depends on the person as different people respond in a different way. You can take it as cold or hot; both are good. Fresh green tea is better than the supplements, or you can also take it in the form of tea bags.


Fresh Fish

You must take fresh fish for better results, because it lowers lepton level in the body, which is a hormone that influences calories burning. You can make many recipes with fish; however deep fried is not good. Fish has many other health benefits, like it protects us from heart problems.


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