Lose weight with Master Cleanse


lem2Most people think that only fat makes them overweight, but it’s not so. Any types of toxins can increase weight and if you don’t detoxify your body, they will accumulate in body causing weight gain. It becomes difficult to lose weight fast  if your body is toxic. So, for weight loss you have to use master cleanse diet for a few days to remove toxic substances.

We get these toxins from junk food, pesticides, impurities from drinks, food and environment, etc. Master cleansing helps lose weight by keeping healthy nutrients in the body, but removing toxins. So, you lose weight without getting weak.

Depending on weight, you can use such diet for 3 to 10 days. During this period, you will lose weight due to detoxification. When you are done, take a break of 60 days until your body needs another cleansing.

Benefits Of Cleansing

  • You will lose weight.
  • You will become more energetic.
  • Your body will be free from deadly stuff.
  • Your body will be pure and will function more.
  • You can lose 20 pounds in 10 days.
  • You will have younger skin in just 10 days.
  • Your digestive system will become better, eliminating heartburn.
  • Your eating habits will improve because such cleansing diet will give you all minerals and vitamins.

lem Cleansing recipe one for weight loss

  •  Fresh and organic lemon juice: two tablespoons.
  •  Organic maple syrup: two tablespoons.
  •  Cayenne pepper: 1/10 the teaspoon and should be ground.
  •  Mineral or filtered water: 10 oz.


Make a drink mixing all ingredients.

Cleansing recipe two for weight loss

Fruit juices, you can take any fruit you like, but should be organic and seasonal. the best juice is that of apples.

How to take cleansing diet?

Read my next article to know how you should take cleansing diet.


Lose Weight Fast With Detox Drinks


1002389_415609348547742_187759393_nDetox Drink for Quick Weight loss

Water-2 liters

Cucumber –one


Mint – 8 to 10 leaves

Cut cucumber and lemon into slices, and put in water along with mint leaves. Place this water it in refrigerator overnight and drink whole day. It removes toxins from the body, helps in weight loss, and makes skin clear.

1000340_441572022618141_1986652798_nZero Calorie Detox Drink

Water – 2 liters

Cinnamon – 2 large sticks

Apple- one cut into slices

Put apple and cinnamon in water and place in refrigerator overnight, but don’t do it in cold weather. Drink it daily, it boosts metabolism, helps lose weight fast and it’s also rich in energy.

headache-drink-3-low-301x174Flat Belly Drink

Water-2 liters

Lemon-one; cut into slices

Grated Ginger-one teaspoon

Cucumber-one; cut into slices

Spearmint- a few leaves

Mix all ingredients in water, place overnight and drink water the whole day.

images (1)Natural Detox Drink

Water-one liter

Strawberries – 5 to 6

Ground Cinnamon-half teaspoon

Lemon or lime –one cut into slices

Place overnight and drink it whole day.

Detox Smoothie for weight loss

Pineapple – 2 pieces

Papaya – ½ cut into slices

Organic yogurt-2 tablespoon

1/2 lemon juice

4 to 5 mint leaves

Blend all ingredients; take this smoothie after meals. It will digest the food, providing the body proper nutrients, boosts metabolism and helps lose weight.

4 Super Weight Loss Drinks


There are certain drinks which are not only good for health, but also burn fat helping in weight loss. These juices really help lose weight fast, but all you need is consistency and have to do it along with diet and exercise.

images (1) Detox Drinks

These are the juices that help detoxify your body. They are easy and quick to make, using certain vegetables and fruits or their combination. The best of them include citrus fruits, and root foods which are rich in fiber including carrots, apples, ginger.  These are not only good for your digestive system but also are super antioxidants. You can take one glass of detox juice, i.e. around 8 ounce in a week. Detox juices can benefit you in two ways; they will remove toxins from the intestines, and will also lose weight naturally.

imagesFruit Juices

Though all types of fruits are good or health, but some also help lose weight, including pears and cranberry juice. These are rich in vitamin C, and give us energy. Other health benefits are that, you can get rid of bladder infection with cranberry juice, whereas pears are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, vitamin c.

vegetable-juice-wallpaper-for-ipad-2-1649,1024x768,ipad-2-wallpaper,1649Cruciferous Vegetables Juices

These juices also help lose weight, like juices of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and kale. You can make their separate juices or can mix them with fruits or other vegetables. These juices not only burn fat, instead also remove toxins from the body and help in maintaining the hormone levels.These vegetables are high in phytonutrients which reduce fat naturally, decreases inflammation, control the blood sugar levels, balance hormones, and enhance metabolism. So such drinks reduce weight in all ways, detoxifying the body.


Coffee, especially the black one burns fat, however takes it in a balanced way. It is rich in antioxidants; also helps cure diabetes, cancer and heart disease. It enhances metabolism, burning more calories, but you should only take coffee without milk and sugar.

Facts behind not losing weight


weight loss is not about eating lessMany people can’t lose weight even after following a specific weight loss program. There are many reasons behind this problem.

Lack of Strength Training

Perhaps you are doing everything but not lifting weights, whereas strength training is very important for losing weight. Weights help you develop lean muscles and they also enhance the metabolism; so you eat less and burn more calories.

Doing Same Thing

When you do same kind of workout and diet for many months, your body would stop losing weight. The reason is that your body gets immune to a routine and does not burn calories anymore. So, the best solution is the shock therapy, involving a new diet plan and different workouts.

Avoiding Healthy Fats

Research shows that healthy fat help reduce weight, but most people do a big mistake of completely eliminating fat from their diet. You should only avoid unhealthy fat, but take good fats like olive oil, yogurt, nuts, coconut oil and milk, etc.  Experts recommend taking healthy fat with low carb diet for successful weight loss.

Taking Weight Loss Pills

There are so many among us who want to lose weight fast, so instead of exercise and diet they start taking weight loss pills. Such pills only reduce the appetite, but they don’t reduce fat. With pills, we become lazy, avoiding workouts and healthy lifestyle.

Eating More Snacks

Many people think that they can eat as much healthy food as they can, but it’s not so. There is a limit of every food even if it’s healthy. So, avoid taking excessive snacks to enhance metabolism because it will cause weight gain.

Women after Weight loss surgery


images (1)   According to the latest research, the rate of weight loss surgeries has increased in America since 1998. The reason of such surgeries is either some health issue or the wish to look good. But, apart from all surgery has many problems. This research was done by the American society of metabolic and bariatric surgery.

Likewise, in Norway many women go under gastric bypass surgery in which a small intestine’s route to the stomach is changed, reducing the food intake and hunger. A research was done on such women, and the participants were asked how they feel after one to five years of surgery, and it was found that, though the surgery improved patients’ lifestyle, but it affected them in many ways. However, other people can hardly notice these problems.

Karen Synne Groven (a researcher from the University of Oslo) found that women became more confident and extrovert after surgery, but it can be discouraging for other women who think that they can’t have confidence with obesity, so they have to undergo surgery. Women hardly share their surgeries with others, and most pretend that they have lost weight through diet and exercise, because telling the truth is embarrassing for them.

Skin after weight loss surgery

In fact, after surgery the skin starts sagging, hence women feel embarrassed to get naked. Though, the patients are told before the procedure that such problem can be fixed, but that’s not so simple. Most women are so thrilled that they hardly consider this issue. The only solution to this problem is another surgery, which can remove loose skin. But, hardly any woman wants to face another surgery, besides it has risks including hematoma and infection, as well as pregnancy problems in the future.

Health problems after weight loss surgery

Some women were also reported to have health issues after this surgery, including stomach and intestine problems. Some other women felt lack of energy, and their relationship with the food also changed.  To keep the fitness image women become more conscious in their eating habits, feeling lethargic as a result.  Women who had overeating habits did not change it, so it affected their health. Experts say that women after surgery need to control their diet to be in shape. So, the surgery makes patients more conscious of their health than before.

But, apart from all such problems most women don’t regret after surgery, as they think that the society don’t appreciate obesity. Especially, those who have gained too much think it impossible to lose weight fast, hence weight loss surgery becomes their only option. So, such surgeries have become a matter of personal choice.

Some women choose surgery due to certain psychological factors, like they feel that they will have cancer or diabetes or heart problem. They don’t want to die and leave their kids alone; hence they try to lose weight through surgery. But, isn’t it good to change your lifestyle to stay fit; if you regularly workout, take natural and low fat diet, there would be no chance of obesity.


Body Muscles, Metabolism and Fat


themoremuscle  Some people go on a severe diet plan; hence their muscles and metabolism get weak making them fat. The weight should be healthy enough, like you should be slim at the same time having strong muscles and metabolism. When you starve your muscles start sending calories to your body, so they become weak. As strong muscles mean strong metabolism, hence you get low-fat, but in starvation the opposite happens.

A decreased muscle mass will lower down metabolism rate, meaning you need less calories for your weight maintenance. So, you should concentrate on muscle-building and metabolism speeding up. This can be done in various ways, including food, and exercise. You can also see what athletes do to stay healthy and strong at a time, though you may not need very strong muscles like them, but you can learn from them a lot.

There are several recipes of smart snacks which can help build muscles, and burn fat at the same time. You can also accelerate your metabolism in different ways as given below:

  • You should live an active  life so that you get strong muscles as it will enhance the metabolism. Being only active in daily tasks isn’t enough; you should also do aerobic and resistance training because it’s ideal for muscles.


  •  Instead of taking large heavy meals, take small portions of food in a day. You can take smart snacks for this purpose in between your three meals. Calories burn in the process of      digesting the food so while eating, we also burn calories fast.
  •  Take foods rich in protein;however select low-fat only as it is found that 25 percent of calories that get burned come from such foods. For this purpose you can have only lean meat and skinless chicken.
  • Spices are excellent in speeding up your metabolism, like chilies are great for this purpose and these help increase the heart rate. However, chilies are not good for those with high pulse rate.
  • Green tea is ideal for enhancing  the metabolism and burning fat as it is full of antioxidants. You can have one or two cup daily as you like.
  • Some supplements are also  helpful in increasing muscles and boosting metabolism, however do ask your doctor before choosing anything.
  •  Chilling out is also good in increasing the metabolism rate.
  •  Getting hot is also good, like you can have sauna, however if you cannot bear steam don’t do it.
  •  Every person has different body needs; hence foods and exercises affect them differently. However, one thing is for sure that if you stay active and take natural diet, you will be healthy all your life.

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Factors That Affect Weight Loss


aaa     People try different ways to lose weight, but you should consider certain factors during the process of weight loss.

Watch what you eat

• Take notice of your eating habits to see if any change is required. If you eat large meals, then divide it into small parts at different intervals, and better serve in small plates.

• Replace sugary snacks with fruits or nuts, but in small quantity. • If you still feel hungry even after eating enough meal, you should have food that fills you in small amounts so that you don’t feel hungry.

• Instead of having pastry or pudding, take natural yogurt. You can add some fruit in it.

• Eat slowly, because if you eat fast you will have more. Slow eating habit has many benefits as you eat less and chew for long that enhances the metabolism.

Buy what is good for you

You should buy healthy food, like don’t buy biscuits, or chocolates, etc., so that you don’t feel a need to eat them. If you make a list, it would be easier for you to shop for healthy diet.

Get healthy recipes

Instead of sticking to old meals, try new recipes with healthy and low Cal ingredients. There are many recipe books in the market, but if you are creative you can develop your own recipes.

Soups are good

Include more soups in your diet as they fill the stomach without feeling a temptation for heavy meal. You can also have it as a starter, because this way you eat less meal, eventually you will have low calories. However, soup should be healthy with less starch and cream or butter, etc.

Know what your body wants

Hunger may vary from person to person as some people feel more hungry even after having enough food. But, if you feel hungry that doesn’t mean that you need food, like it can be due to some feelings, may be you are bored, annoyed, or depressed for any reason and want to indulge in food to run from the situation. If your appetite is very strong then instead of eating a lot, take fiber which fills the body.  You can get fiber from fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain.

Drink healthy

Everybody knows that sugary drinks, like tea or coffee with sugar are unhealthy, so the best drink is fresh water. You must drink a lot of water; however you can add lemon or mint in it. You can take herbal or green tea as well without sugar. You can also drink water mixed with vinegar, as it helps lose weight, but an excessive amount is not good in certain diseases.

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