Top prepacked snacks for diet and weight loss



With a busy schedule you can’t get much time to prepare your food for a diet plan or weight loss. There are certain pre-packed foods which are not only healthy, but very effective in weight loss and they are all below 150 calories. These are all readily available snacks that you can even buy while travelling, or can take along while moving to another place.

Pack of tuna salad

It has 90 calories, and fat is only 3.5 g whereas protein is 10 g and 5 g carbs. You can add some additional stuff in it like sauces or spices, etc.

Fruit strips

It has only 45 calories, 0 g fat and protein, but 11 g carbs. As you cannot carry fruit with you while traveling so you can buy these packed strips.

Greek diet yogurt

It has 0g fat so it’s an ideal snack; it has 100 calories, including 18g protein and 7g carbs. You can add honey, or even any fruit to make it more delicious.

Sweet potatoes

These are available in the form of chips known as pop chips. A pack has 120 calories with 4 g fat, 1 g protein and 20 g of carbs. Sweet potatoes are free from any Trans fats, or artificial colors, so they are very fresh and organic.

Apple chips with cinnamon

It is the lowest in calories than all the snacks mentioned here, as it has only 29 calories with 0 g fat and protein, but carbs are 8 g. It’s a very simple food containing organic cinnamon and apple.

Almond butter packs

The fat is 7.5 g and protein is 3 g, but it is low in carbs, i.e. 4 g in the 6 oz. packet, whereas it has only 90 calories.

Diet crackers

These are made with brown rice, so also known as rice crackers. They are low in calories, as one pack contains 120 calories, and 2 g fat, but 22 g carbs and 3 g of protein.

String cheese

Those who love cheese should take this, as it has only 80 calories. It’s healthy, with 0 carbs, and 7 g protein, whereas fat is 6 g. But, be careful that you don’t eat much of these snacks, as keeping a balance is the key rule for diet.

You should keep on exploring for diet and fitness, so that it can help you lose weight.

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