How to maintain weight through food vibration?



Most people categorize food as proteins, fat and carbohydrates, hardly they know that food has vibration, the electrical energy that is possessed by all natural things.  Type of vibration determines whether the food is good or bad for health. Same way our body’s vibration is directly linked to what we eat.

12   Food vibration means how much natural or vital energy it has, depending if it’s organic or processed. The vibrational frequency of every food determines its quality and energy level. The unit being used to measure energy level is called Hertz.  The lower Hertz shows poor food and higher Hertz depict healthy food. See the chart given below.

Food types and their vibration levels

Type of foods                                Energy vibration levels

Inorganic or processed foods             0 Hz

Organic and fresh foods                     15 Hz

Herbs as fresh and natural                12 to 27 Hz

Dry herbs                                            2 to 27 Hz

Foods with no vibration make our body weak, like processed and inorganic foods.  We eat such foods only to pamper our hunger as otherwise they lack nutrition. Such foods are toxic which not only make us sick but also increase body weight.

The natural tendency of our bodies is to have organic foods rich in vibration levels which give us energy, keeping the hormone levels well balanced.


 Factors required for choosing high vibration food

Keep in mind that not every organic food is rich in energy. There are three factors that can help you determine if the food is good or bad in terms of its energy levels.

  1. Organic foods which are grown without using any chemicals, also known as certified foods.
  2. Always go for locally grown organic because imported food lacks in nutrition. Moreover, you can also contribute in the economy by buying local.
  3. Always buy seasonal foods because they are fresh and nutritious, whereas stored foods get chemicals and lose their vibration level making it less healthy. So, always eat fresh fruits and vegetables for good health and weight loss.




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