Lose Weight with Chia Seeds


c¬† ¬†Chia seeds have many health benefits and they are full of nutrition. But, the best quality of these seeds is that they help a lot in weight loss. Let’s see how chia seeds can help lose weight.

These super seeds reduce appetite, as they quickly fill the stomach and you don’t feel craving for any other food. When dissolved in food, the seeds create gel like substance increasing the volume, eventually you eat less. So, you don’t need to follow a hard diet chart for fitness.

When you eat chia seed, its gel develops a hindrance between carbohydrates and enzymes, reducing the formation of sugar from carbohydrates. This process enhances metabolism, eventually reducing weight. The seeds increase body energy so they are also considered good for athletes.

Other health benefits of chia seeds are that these are rich in calcium, iron,omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium. They decrease bad cholesterol, and balance blood sugar levels. Due to their hydrating quality, these seeds also help absorb healthy nutrients.

Given below are various ways to use these seeds for weight loss and nutrition. But, before you add the seeds in any food, you should soak them in some water for 30 minutes so that the gel develops.

Mango smoothie

  • One ripe mango
  • One teaspoon chia seeds
  • Ice cubes

After peeling off mango, cut it into small pieces, blend it in a blender adding ice cubes. Once ready, put chia seeds in it and drink.

Yogurt smoothie for weight loss

  • One cup organic yogurt
  • One teaspoon chia seeds, already soaked in water

Blend yogurt a little, put seeds in it, and eat. You can also make it more delicious adding some fruit pieces, like mango, banana, strawberry, or peach, etc.

Chia Salad: You can add chia seeds to any kind of salad like vegetable or fruit salad, but always use pre-soaked seeds.

Chia Cereal: You can make its cereal by adding seeds to milk, or can put it in any other cereal of oats, or corn flakes, etc.