Facts behind not losing weight


weight loss is not about eating lessMany people can’t lose weight even after following a specific weight loss program. There are many reasons behind this problem.

Lack of Strength Training

Perhaps you are doing everything but not lifting weights, whereas strength training is very important for losing weight. Weights help you develop lean muscles and they also enhance the metabolism; so you eat less and burn more calories.

Doing Same Thing

When you do same kind of workout and diet for many months, your body would stop losing weight. The reason is that your body gets immune to a routine and does not burn calories anymore. So, the best solution is the shock therapy, involving a new diet plan and different workouts.

Avoiding Healthy Fats

Research shows that healthy fat help reduce weight, but most people do a big mistake of completely eliminating fat from their diet. You should only avoid unhealthy fat, but take good fats like olive oil, yogurt, nuts, coconut oil and milk, etc.  Experts recommend taking healthy fat with low carb diet for successful weight loss.

Taking Weight Loss Pills

There are so many among us who want to lose weight fast, so instead of exercise and diet they start taking weight loss pills. Such pills only reduce the appetite, but they don’t reduce fat. With pills, we become lazy, avoiding workouts and healthy lifestyle.

Eating More Snacks

Many people think that they can eat as much healthy food as they can, but it’s not so. There is a limit of every food even if it’s healthy. So, avoid taking excessive snacks to enhance metabolism because it will cause weight gain.


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