What should drinking men do for weight loss?


drinking_alcoholgMen often love to drink, but they should know that going beyond the limits is always bad.  With too much drinking, they can’t think of weight loss. But, those who don’t want to stop drinking should follow some tips so that they can enjoy it without getting overweight.


Get some food before drinking

Alcohol enhances the appetite, and you end up eating a lot. So, eat something before drinking, but, make sure it’s healthy. When the stomach is already filled, you won’t be able to drink much. But, if you drink and eat after that you will eat junk or unhealthy.

Take less beer

Take beer only occasionally; if I say rare, it won’t be wrong, because beer is rich in calories just like chocolate or cake. Excessive intake of beer will increase the belly. According to research hard liquor that’s 60 ml is 100 calories less than a pint of beer. However, never mix a scotch with sweet beverages, instead take it alone.

Water after drink

Don’t forget to have water after drinking, and one glass would be enough. This tip will cure dehydration and will also keep you in your senses at night. So, better go for water than bacon or butter bread as it will only give you fat.

Decide your drinking plans

If you already know your drinking plan; you can decide what to eat. Like if you mostly drink in the evening, then eat something in the afternoon, but avoid carbs. Also avoid sugar if you are having Rum.


Increase your workout time the next day of night drinking; almost double the time of your exercise, so that you can burn excessive calories. If you are too lazy to workout, then stop drinking. But, I am sure you have a great will power and you can make it. Such workout won’t only burn fat, but will also help ease your headache.


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