4 Super Weight Loss Drinks


There are certain drinks which are not only good for health, but also burn fat helping in weight loss. These juices really help lose weight fast, but all you need is consistency and have to do it along with diet and exercise.

images (1) Detox Drinks

These are the juices that help detoxify your body. They are easy and quick to make, using certain vegetables and fruits or their combination. The best of them include citrus fruits, and root foods which are rich in fiber including carrots, apples, ginger.  These are not only good for your digestive system but also are super antioxidants. You can take one glass of detox juice, i.e. around 8 ounce in a week. Detox juices can benefit you in two ways; they will remove toxins from the intestines, and will also lose weight naturally.

imagesFruit Juices

Though all types of fruits are good or health, but some also help lose weight, including pears and cranberry juice. These are rich in vitamin C, and give us energy. Other health benefits are that, you can get rid of bladder infection with cranberry juice, whereas pears are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, vitamin c.

vegetable-juice-wallpaper-for-ipad-2-1649,1024x768,ipad-2-wallpaper,1649Cruciferous Vegetables Juices

These juices also help lose weight, like juices of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and kale. You can make their separate juices or can mix them with fruits or other vegetables. These juices not only burn fat, instead also remove toxins from the body and help in maintaining the hormone levels.These vegetables are high in phytonutrients which reduce fat naturally, decreases inflammation, control the blood sugar levels, balance hormones, and enhance metabolism. So such drinks reduce weight in all ways, detoxifying the body.


Coffee, especially the black one burns fat, however takes it in a balanced way. It is rich in antioxidants; also helps cure diabetes, cancer and heart disease. It enhances metabolism, burning more calories, but you should only take coffee without milk and sugar.


Facts behind not losing weight


weight loss is not about eating lessMany people can’t lose weight even after following a specific weight loss program. There are many reasons behind this problem.

Lack of Strength Training

Perhaps you are doing everything but not lifting weights, whereas strength training is very important for losing weight. Weights help you develop lean muscles and they also enhance the metabolism; so you eat less and burn more calories.

Doing Same Thing

When you do same kind of workout and diet for many months, your body would stop losing weight. The reason is that your body gets immune to a routine and does not burn calories anymore. So, the best solution is the shock therapy, involving a new diet plan and different workouts.

Avoiding Healthy Fats

Research shows that healthy fat help reduce weight, but most people do a big mistake of completely eliminating fat from their diet. You should only avoid unhealthy fat, but take good fats like olive oil, yogurt, nuts, coconut oil and milk, etc.  Experts recommend taking healthy fat with low carb diet for successful weight loss.

Taking Weight Loss Pills

There are so many among us who want to lose weight fast, so instead of exercise and diet they start taking weight loss pills. Such pills only reduce the appetite, but they don’t reduce fat. With pills, we become lazy, avoiding workouts and healthy lifestyle.

Eating More Snacks

Many people think that they can eat as much healthy food as they can, but it’s not so. There is a limit of every food even if it’s healthy. So, avoid taking excessive snacks to enhance metabolism because it will cause weight gain.

Lose weight while sitting at your desk


images (7)There is a common advice that, sitting at desk for long is bad for your health and weight loss, but how often we try to explore ways to solve this issue. Don’t worry; I am here to solve all your worries. This is especially for those who have to do desk related jobs, and don’t find enough time to go to the gym. Here are a few exercises which can help you burn fat while at desk. You can do 10 repetitions of all these exercises.

1Stretching the shoulders

Stretch your right arm to the left as if you are trying to get something from left; it stretches the shoulder touching the right arm to the chest. Your left arm can hold the right one bringing it near the chest area. Repeat same with left arm.


Lose weight with crunches

while sitting you can easily do abdominal crunch; Sit on your seat’s edge, tightly holding its sides, keeping the back straight. With bent knees, raise your legs, flexing the abs. Then lower down the legs but your feet should not touch the ground.

Move your lower back

Place the palms of both hands on the lower back, and then lean back moving the fingers downwards. With chest upward make an arch of the lower back but keep the elbows pointing behind. Stay in this position for 15 seconds.

Calf stretching

Place both palms on the right leg over the knees; raise it from the hip flexor, till it is straight. Hold it in this position for 10 seconds. Lower down the leg slowly, putting your foot on the floor. Do same step with the left leg.

Sit and stand straight

While sitting you should not have a round shoulder; sit straight.  Feet should be flat on the floor, stand straight with leveled chin and straight shoulders.

Twist your abs

While sitting straight on the chair, put your hands on chair’s left arm, twist the upper body part; the legs should be straight and still. Repeat it 10 times, and do it same on the right side as well.

Tone the triceps

Take a heavy office file in the left hand, move the abs inward, but sit straight. Then take the file up to your shoulder, stay there and start going over the head.  Lower down the arm, bending the elbow and bring it to the sideways parallel to shoulder level, then bring it to the side. Do same with the right arm.

All these exercises will help you lose weight, and tone the lower and upper body part; however these are not enough, so follow other tips, like use steps instead of an elevator. Climbing two stairs at a time is a good exercise; you can also do push-ups every 2 to 3 hours or before taking the lunch,

What should drinking men do for weight loss?


drinking_alcoholgMen often love to drink, but they should know that going beyond the limits is always bad.  With too much drinking, they can’t think of weight loss. But, those who don’t want to stop drinking should follow some tips so that they can enjoy it without getting overweight.


Get some food before drinking

Alcohol enhances the appetite, and you end up eating a lot. So, eat something before drinking, but, make sure it’s healthy. When the stomach is already filled, you won’t be able to drink much. But, if you drink and eat after that you will eat junk or unhealthy.

Take less beer

Take beer only occasionally; if I say rare, it won’t be wrong, because beer is rich in calories just like chocolate or cake. Excessive intake of beer will increase the belly. According to research hard liquor that’s 60 ml is 100 calories less than a pint of beer. However, never mix a scotch with sweet beverages, instead take it alone.

Water after drink

Don’t forget to have water after drinking, and one glass would be enough. This tip will cure dehydration and will also keep you in your senses at night. So, better go for water than bacon or butter bread as it will only give you fat.

Decide your drinking plans

If you already know your drinking plan; you can decide what to eat. Like if you mostly drink in the evening, then eat something in the afternoon, but avoid carbs. Also avoid sugar if you are having Rum.


Increase your workout time the next day of night drinking; almost double the time of your exercise, so that you can burn excessive calories. If you are too lazy to workout, then stop drinking. But, I am sure you have a great will power and you can make it. Such workout won’t only burn fat, but will also help ease your headache.

How to lose weight through Yoga? (breathing techniques)


Weight loss is not only about work outs and diet, but there are many other ways to lose weight. Yoga plays an amazing role in losing weight, but great news is that you can now lose weight with breathing, as your belly shrinkage is also possible through breathing. Here are 5 simple breathing techniques of yoga that will help lose weight.

Breath of Fire or Kapalbhati

Sit on mat with legs crossed; body should be straight with straight neck and spine. Putting your hands on knees, close your eyes, and inhale deeply, but exhale out from nose like a sniff. You will notice your belly pulling inwards while you exhale. Start at a low pace, increasing it slowly and keep it up for 5 to 10 minutes.

3095-5-reasons-to-practice-breath-of-fire Bhastrika Pranayama

The basic purpose of this technique is to give enough oxygen to the body. Keep your legs crossed, putting hands on knees with palms in upward direction, whereas tip of thumb and ring finger should touch each other. Breathe normally; relax, and then take a deep breath inhaling with whole power, filling the lungs with oxygen. Exhale through nose with power making a hissing sound; repeat it for 5 or 10 times.


Alternate Nostril Breathing

Sit on a mat and relax crossing your legs; relax your muscles, closing the eyes. By placing the right thumb on your right nostril, inhale through left nostril. Stay in this position till 5 counts. Repeat same with left nostril, completing one round of this breathing technique. You need to do 10 or 15 rounds for weight loss; you should do it before breakfast in the fresh air.

3 y

Ardha Matsyendrasana or Spinal Twist

It strengthens back and reduces belly. Bring the heels closer to your buttocks, bending your right knee. Cross the left knee over the right knee by bending it; keep left ankle beside the right knee. Keep the left palm on floor by taking your arm to the back, whereas touch your left foot toes with right arm. Once you get settled in this position, inhale deeply by elongating the spine. Look over the left shoulder by twisting the torso to left. Exhale while twisting, and inhale straightening your spine, then exhale and twist again. Remain in this position for 4 to 6 breaths releasing the twist. Repeat same by twisting to other side.


Combining yoga with other weight loss methods will help lose weight fast.