Tips to deal with emotional eating-weight loss


Emotional EatingEmotional eating is a common problem among many people, but it’s really annoying because it can ruin your weight loss goal.  There are several ways to handle this issue, but first we should try to recognize which emotion stimulates us to more eating because lots of people are not even aware of that.

Concentrate:  Try to concentrate on your emotions and stress level, and see where you eat a lot.

Do you eat more when with friends or family?

Do you eat more when you are alone and there is no body to watch?

Do you eat when you are bored and don’t know what to do?

Do you eat when you are worried about something or are under stress for some reason?

To judge you’re eating habits, make a scale of physical hunger from 1 to 10; if it is 6 to 10 then it means your body needs food. However, if the scale is 3 that would be because of stress or any other emotion, so you can call it emotional eating.

 Monitor what you eat?

Check what you eat most when you are under stress or under any kind of emotion mentioned above. Generally, in such conditions men and women eat chocolates, processed foods, refined sugar, refined flour, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, or flavors and soft drinks, etc. Some other people eat spicy, salty, or fried foods. You can’t call all this stuff as food because these are food related products, which are harmful for your body and you should eliminate them from your diet.

 How to control emotional eating during weight loss?

  • Search for healthy foods, and see what you like most out of it; such food includes nuts, berries, fruits, organic yogurt, milk, and vegetables, etc. Then, see which one you like and next time when you feel for emotional eating only eat from the healthy food list.
  • Only keep healthy food around you, putting junk out of your home or kitchen. This way, you will only eat what is available.

To know more about weight loss, diet and healthy food see other articles as top 10 stomach flattening foods, and super foods.





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