Top 10 stomach flattening foods


Though, you need to do some hard work to get flat stomach like exercise and low-calorie diet, but there are some foods which can speed up the process of weight loss, making you slim. These foods have many benefits like eliminating water retention, and boosting the metabolism.

imagesCA3MB1CJ  Almonds:  these are full of fiber; hence your stomach feels filled. These are also good for skin due to vitamin E and protein present in it.

imagesCA335ZID  Oats: these also fill the stomach, so you should take in the breakfast to get energy. With oats you don’t feel craving for another food. It is also good in reducing bad cholesterol.

imagesCAWTAPFN  Olive Oil: though it seems unbelievable that any fat can reduce weight, but olive oil can do because it has oleic acid that helps in breaking down body fats. As it is poly saturated hence it reduces hunger.

 imagesCA9R0K62  Peppermint: it has healing qualities and helps in digestion. You can take it in tea or as sauce; it also makes the skin clear and glowing.

imagesCAUOEDB3  Apple Cider Vinegar:  this is a great body detox; moreover it helps in digestion, and removes bad bacteria from the intestines. It removes body toxins, making the stomach free from water retention. You can add it over any kind of salad.

imagesCAF1FIZL  Cranberry Juice: it helps body release excessive fluids, making the stomach flat. It is also rich in vitamin C. You should take sugar free juice in morning.

untitled  Cinnamon: it helps burn the fat, and it has a natural content that reduces blood sugar level as it stimulates insulin. You can use it in any form in the tea, or can sprinkle over your favorite food. You can also take it mixed with honey.

imagesCA405N5L  Lemon grass: it is anti-inflammatory, so helps in digestion. It also makes the blood circulation better. It removes extra fat from the body making the stomach flat.

imagesCA9GBAQ1  Sunflower Seeds: the seeds are full of fiber that prevents us from craving as they fill the stomach. They are easy to digest and are rich in antioxidants, as well as vitamin E, protein and complex carbs.

 imagesCAOY00DN Beans: these are rich in fiber and protein, but are low in calories. As you get a lot of protein from beans, the muscles become stronger. So, this low Cal food makes your stomach flat and you get successful in weight loss.


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