How bad is Obesity in pregnancy?


A newly born and healthy baby reveals mother’s health during her pregnancy.  Obesity can affect in many ways, though obese mothers give birth to healthy babies but in certain cases their babies may have some health issues. Women should watch their weight before getting pregnant, but first let’s see the consequences of pregnancy in obesity.

Risks to Babies

Babies of obese mothers may suffer from certain orneural and heart problems. There are also several examples of such babies having diabetes in young age.

Mothers’ Issues

  • Overweight pregnant women mostly suffer from high blood pressure, and other diseases like diabetes and orpreeclampsia.
  • If an obese mom’s baby is too large, it can make the delivery process complicated.
  • Most overweight women have to face a cesarean birth.
  • There is a risk of miscarriages.
  • Risk of stillbirth.

On the other hand, obesity can make it difficult for you to get pregnant. However, taking care of your weight can lead to healthy pregnancy and baby. Don’t miss your visits to the doctor and follow what your doctor recommends about diet and precautions.

Weight Loss and Pregnancy

Don’t try to lose weight during pregnancy because your body needs proper nutrition for a healthy baby, so don’t skip any food group.

Weight Limit in Pregnancy

According to doctors, you can gain 11 to 20 lbs. in pregnancy. Whereas, some doctors don’t recommend women to gain weight, but that’s only possible with healthy diet. There is also a wrong concept of eating too much in pregnancy because only 300 extra calories are enough that you can get from yogurt and a sandwich. But, you should not avoid essential nutrients, especially calcium and folic acid are very important.

Your Food Intake Limit 

It depends on certain factors, including your BMI, your weight in the beginning of pregnancy and your exercise level. However, never avoid your regular visits to the doctor and do what the doctor says.  A good advice is that constant healthy lifestyle can protect you from many health complications.



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