6 easy workouts for fitness and weight loss


You can’t get fit without doing any workout, but lots of women have different excuses and say that they can’t workout because of their busy life, or their schedule makes them tired.  But, still both men and women crave for fitness. Though, a variety of workout videos are available, but some women find it annoying as they can’t follow the fast speed of the trainer in the video. So, here are some easy workouts which lazy women can do at home. Take out the print of any exercise you want to do, hang it on a wall near your workout area and just do; you can set your own time schedule.

Workout for Tummy

Often men and women look overweight just because of their fat tummy, and it looks very ugly. Those who sit most of the time have such problem. Here are some easy workouts for tummy.

m1        m2


Workout for Butt

These are very easy to do exercises which you can do at home.

butb        buta

Another exercise for butt involves band and it requires just one minute; it’s also called booty kicks with band



Gut Toning for Fitness

Here are six steps for gut toning that involves ball. Though, initially it looks difficult, but when you start you will find it very easy.

2               1


Pilates for Inner Thigh

t2     t3


5 Minutes Exercise for Fit Arms  

2ar      arm1


30 Minute Workout for Fitness

bweight 1                   wt2

All these workouts can make your fitness and weight loss program successful. You can do any of them, but do ask your physician if you have some disease. Women after pregnancy should also consult their doctor for exercises that suit them.




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