Weight loss-How sex can help burn calories?


According to doctors, sex is a good exercise as it burn calories. However, you should see it in a realistic way, as many people have  a misconception that sex can burn 100 to 300 calories, but it’s not so. Research shows that six-minute sex can burn 21 calories.  Whereas, according to WebMD, sex that lasts for 30 minutes can burn 85 to 100 calories. But, not every sex lasts for that long; it depends from person to person hence how much sex help reduce calories depends on your sex routine and duration.

Different ways of sexercise to burn calories

  • If you have sex in the morning, it makes you warm for your workout. The testosterone levels of men are also very high between 7 to 8 a.m. so morning sex is good for health.
  •  Yoga if done for half hour can burn 100 to 300 calories. By inserting some yoga poses in sex can help burn calories. Such poses can help stretch the hip flexores, so be creative and use these poses. See some yoga poses given below.

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2960-39         Benefits-of-Adho-Mukha-Svanasana4-300x181      supta_baddha_konasana_image_title_jnuze_445x335-300x225     sphinx

  •  Eating certain foods also help in sex as they enhance man’s sexual stamina, like oysters, celery, figs, peanuts, garlic, bananas, chocolate and blueberries. But, don’t take carbs at night before morning sex.
  •  Change your positions and try new things; try to have more adventurous positions as it involves more muscles and satisfies as well. You can even include different spots for sex, like foot of bed, etc.
  •  Core-gasm is also good, like focusing on the core while having sex. Separate the pelvic muscles as it will make the six-pack strong and tummy will also look flat. Moreover, such core workout also increases orgasm, so it gives you dual pleasure.
  •  Cross training helps enhance sex, so exercise daily for better sex. Go to gym or workout at home, because according to a research men and women who do workout regularly are more active in sex than those who are having sedentary lifestyle.  Women who do vigorous exercise are more responsive to sex. So why not have a sexy morning with your partner and mix it up with regular workout.

All these methods enhance the  weight loss  process, burning more calories, so try them along with regular exercise and  healthy food.





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