Weight loss – excessive weight or life; It’s your choice


How harmful excessive weight is; you can only imagine when having serious threats, including poor health and personality. I have seen several people who are overweight, but still say that they are happy with it, or their spouse has no issues with it. You should understand that it’s not another person; instead it’s you who is going to suffer.  So, you must consider weight loss and healthy lifestyle for your own self.

Health risk for teens


Young people and teens find it Ok to have excessive weight, and think that exercise and healthy diet is only for adults. According to a new research published on Science Daily, teens with strong muscles are healthier than those who have weak muscles. The BMI rate is low in strong kids having low-fat, hence the chances of diabetes is less. Even the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure is zero in healthy teens, but it’s not so with overweight teens. So, kids should do exercise, and take part in recreational and sports activities. Teens that spend more time on computers develop many health problems.


Old people and weight loss

Likewise, old people think that they can’t do workouts or strength training, and it’s enough to take diet drinks and follow low-Cal diet, but it’s wrong. The latest research shows that older women who take diet drinks twice or thrice a day are more at a risk of stroke, heart attack and many other heart issues. However, you can have diet drinks occasionally, especially if you are also following other ways to lose weight. Always choose healthy ways of weight loss, and eat healthy diet regularly for your entire life; this will make you ever fit.

You can also leave your comment, advice and feedback about weight loss and healthy diet, so that it can help as many people as possible.




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