Top prepacked snacks for diet and weight loss



With a busy schedule you can’t get much time to prepare your food for a diet plan or weight loss. There are certain pre-packed foods which are not only healthy, but very effective in weight loss and they are all below 150 calories. These are all readily available snacks that you can even buy while travelling, or can take along while moving to another place.

Pack of tuna salad

It has 90 calories, and fat is only 3.5 g whereas protein is 10 g and 5 g carbs. You can add some additional stuff in it like sauces or spices, etc.

Fruit strips

It has only 45 calories, 0 g fat and protein, but 11 g carbs. As you cannot carry fruit with you while traveling so you can buy these packed strips.

Greek diet yogurt

It has 0g fat so it’s an ideal snack; it has 100 calories, including 18g protein and 7g carbs. You can add honey, or even any fruit to make it more delicious.

Sweet potatoes

These are available in the form of chips known as pop chips. A pack has 120 calories with 4 g fat, 1 g protein and 20 g of carbs. Sweet potatoes are free from any Trans fats, or artificial colors, so they are very fresh and organic.

Apple chips with cinnamon

It is the lowest in calories than all the snacks mentioned here, as it has only 29 calories with 0 g fat and protein, but carbs are 8 g. It’s a very simple food containing organic cinnamon and apple.

Almond butter packs

The fat is 7.5 g and protein is 3 g, but it is low in carbs, i.e. 4 g in the 6 oz. packet, whereas it has only 90 calories.

Diet crackers

These are made with brown rice, so also known as rice crackers. They are low in calories, as one pack contains 120 calories, and 2 g fat, but 22 g carbs and 3 g of protein.

String cheese

Those who love cheese should take this, as it has only 80 calories. It’s healthy, with 0 carbs, and 7 g protein, whereas fat is 6 g. But, be careful that you don’t eat much of these snacks, as keeping a balance is the key rule for diet.

You should keep on exploring for diet and fitness, so that it can help you lose weight.

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Lose weight while sleeping and get fit


shutterstock_75117361    Weight training is not new and every fitness conscious person does it, but not everyone knows that it burns calories even while seeping. According to a research, women who lift weights burn more calories than cardio. You burn calories all day whether sitting, seeping or doing normal tasks. Weights alone can burn 100 calories in a day; you can combine it with cardio to lose fat. You can achieve the desired results with heavy weights only. Here, I am sharing with you the benefits of weight training for strength and weight loss.

 It enhances body strength

You will get stronger with weight training, and won’t need another person’s help in daily tasks because of strong bones.

It burns more fat

A research was done by Wayne Westcott from Massachusetts, according to that if an average woman uses weights for strength for two or three times a week, she can lose 3.5 pounds fat, gaining two pounds of muscles in two months. If she wants to lose more she can combine it with cardio and diet.

It won’t make you bulky

Most people especially women have a misconception that they will become bulky after weight strength, but it’s not so. Instead, you will have toned muscles and strength without an increase in the body size.

It helps prevent osteoporosis

Another research says that weight training prevents women from osteoporosis. If you do it for six months, it will help increase mineral density of the spinal bone by 13%.

It enhances  athletic ability

If you are an athlete, weight training will make you stronger, improving your performance. Even a normal person can have more running time after gaining strength with weights.

It reduces back pain, and arthritis

Weight exercise not only burns fat, but it protects you from many injuries especially of bones. It makes your joints strong preventing from arthritis.  It also makes connective tissues stronger and reduces low back pain, whereas the success rate in this case is about 80 percent.

You don’t have to start at young age

images (11)     You can start it at any age even if you are above 60, but do ask your doctor if you already have a disease or injury. You can start with low weights if you are very old. There are so many examples of women over 60 to 70 who use weights to strengthen their bones, and are very healthy.

It reduces depression

According to a research being done at Harvard, strength training help reduce depression more than counseling. According to a study if you do it for 10 weeks it will reduce depression fast.

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How to increase running stamina for fitness?


run  Running is an essential exercise to stay fit, but you can enjoy running only if you don’t get tired soon. If you feel fresh before and after running, it will help you increase your stamina.  There are certain ways through which you can enhance your stamina to run.

Carefully select the shoes

You can’t run with bad shoes or which are uncomfortable and too hard. Bad shoes may cause severe foot damage including a fracture. So, if you don’t want to spend much on a doctor, better buy good quality shoes for running. Once you buy good shoes, you can use them for long.

Warm up before running

You can’t just start running without a warm up as it gives you strength to run for long. Those who don’t do it get hurt. You can start the warm up with a brisk walk, or slow jogging for few minutes. You can also do stretches to reduce the body stiffness.

Get relaxed

You cannot run if you are under stress, so make yourself comfortable before running. We all know that stress and tension drain out our energy; hence for better energy you should stay calm while running.

Increase the running time slowly

If you start running for a longer duration, you will get exhausted.  So, start slow, increase the pace slowly and follow the 10% rule. According to that rule increase the running distance by 10% per week.

Skip a few days

It’s not necessary to run daily for a month. Take off for a few days, so that you can recover your energy. This recovery will increase your stamina, and you can run for a longer time after that. If you pre-plan your running time and distance, it can easily decide the number of off days.

Don’t eat or drink before running

Though everyone knows it, but still many people don’t follow this advice, and eventually they lack the stamina.

You can get motivation for running and weight loss by exploring this site.

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No loose skin during weight loss


images  When you lose weight, your skin becomes baggy and it takes time to get back to its original form. But, there are certain ways through which you can get the tight skin back.

Lose weight slowly

If you do hard dieting, it will make your skin baggy so lose weight slowly. Hard exercise, dehydration, sun exposure and smoking are also responsible for loose skin. As our skin is stretched because of fat on the muscles, hence the moment you lose fat, your skin gets loose too because its support in the form of muscles is gone.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Water helps skin maintain its elasticity, but severe exercise makes you dehydrated, so you need liquid in various forms. Fresh water is a best choice, but juices are equally good if they are fresh and unsweetened.

Go for protein

Collagen and elastin keeps the skin tight, and you can obtain these elements from protein rich diet, like milk, beans, tofu, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, legumes, and fish. You don’t only get protein, but healthy oil as well.

Concentrate on your skin during weight loss

 No matter how good your diet is, you still have to take care of your skin on a regular basis. Blood circulation makes the skin fresh, and that requires exfoliation; if you do it daily that would be awesome. Your skin will be toned with minerals and sea salt bath. There are also some good skin tightening creams available in the market with elements as aloe vera, vitamin C, E and A, as well as soy protein.

You can also apply fresh aloe vera gel on your skin as it removes pigments from the skin in a short time. If you don’t like gel then mix it with rose water and lemon, as all these elements will make your skin tight. Likewise, use a good face wash instead of hard soaps, and also avoid hot water and use only fresh water.

There is more about healthy food and  weight loss.

Lose weight while eating what you want


As we know that fitness is all about eating healthy food than just exercise. You can eat anything, but you have to avoid fat and sugar, so here are a few tips for you.

  • Avoid sugary shakes and smoothies.

images (1)  Substitute: Make shakes and smoothies, using dates; as it’s a great substitute of sugar. You can also use dates in any type of sauce.

  • Don’t use syrup or butter over pancakes or waffles.

2652508_f520  Substitute: you can use any fruit’s thick puree that is cooked. You can make it with mangoes, strawberries, cherries, or plums.

  • We all know that mayo is not healthy, so how to make a good sandwich then?

images (2)  Substitute: use avocado, make its pulp and spread over the bread and stuff it the way you like.

  • Avoid french fries.

Substitute: take zucchini, cut it into finger chips shape and bake it. You can coat it with egg white and bread crumbs, eating with any dip.

  • Avoid sweets or candies

images (5)   Substitute: take grapes; put them in the freezer and here you have your candies.

  • What if you want to add sour cream in a recipe?

greek-yogurt-400  Substitute: Greek yogurt will be the best choice.

  • While making salad you don’t have to put mayo in it.

Substitute: use regular or Greek yogurt, like you can make any kind of chicken, veggies and egg salad.

  • Popcorns are delicious with cheese, but they are too fatty.

images (7)  Substitute: you can have nutritional yeast over the popcorn.

  • Do you want to make cream soup without cream?

  images (9) Substitute: go get potatoes, or cashews, blend them and put in the soup.

  • Don’t use bread crumbs for making meatballs

300px-Rolled_oats   Substitute: oats are excellent choice for making meatballs.

  • Say no to flour spaghettis

Zucchini Noodles  Substitute: take zucchini, cut it into ribbons and here you have spaghetti.

  • Instead of noodles make squash spaghetti by cutting it lengthwise.
  • While making crispy chicken don’t use flour or bread crumbs.

images (4)   Substitute: use almonds for this purpose, by crushing almonds.

  • You can make tacos without tortillas.

images (3)  Substitute: with lettuce you can make excellent tacos.

  • If you love cookies, but can’t have butter, don’t worry.

apple_sauce_reg  Substitute: While baking cookies, use avocados instead of butter. Similarly, apple sauce can replace oil in making cakes.

  • Avoid sweet ice cream

images (8)   Substitute: take evaporated milk, whip it, add some brown sugar and freeze it. You can also freeze bananas for this purpose.

In baking avoid wheat flour if you are allergic to it, as you can have almond flour.

  • Soda is bad for health.

Substitute: you can take seltzer, adding mint, cucumber and lemon.

There is lot more on weight loss, fitness and diet, so explore this blog.