Weight loss – how to dress up to look thinner?




If you are planning to lose weight, remember that you cannot do it in a day. It takes time, but still you can look slim in many ways. One way is to wear such clothes that make you look thinner, and that’s possible for any type of body.

Common dressing mistakes

Women often wear clothes with many layers, or wear baggy dresses because they want to hide their bulky parts. But, it’s a big mistake as you look heavier, even sometimes you seem to gain 10 pounds more. Why not look 10 pounds thinner; so here are a few ways of dressing up for younger and slimmer look.

How to hide lower part in obesity?

  •  Dark colors work for bottom, especially in lighter top the eyes are drawn towards upper area instead of the heavy lower part.
  • Don’t wear a short top, as it will emphasize lower part.  So, length of the top should go up to the middle of hips.
  • Skirts should be A-line, whereas the trousers should have wide legs.
  • The dress should not have cuts hugging the hips because it will enhance the bottom part.

How to hide middle part ?

  •  If the middle part is wide, you should wear a dress that draws attention away from this area enhancing the face. V-shaped necklines would be ideal in such case because it makes the neck look elongated.
  • Wear semi-fitted dresses, as they will create an illusion of a thin waistline.
  • The dress should not be over patterned with horizontal designs, as it will make you look broader.
  • Dark colors are good for tops, including purple, orange, bright berry or maroon.
  • Wear a wrap dress because it will hide your fat tummy, making the waist look thinner.
  • Wear heels because you will look tall and slim, whereas the legs will become attractive.

No matter how many tips you follow, weight loss is still essential for a healthy body because obesity can ruin your health.






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