Weight loss and color therapy


rainbow-vegetables-and-fruit  Color therapy is not a new technique as people use it for different purposes to deal with both physical and psychological issues. Color therapy helps in weight loss, reducing sugar craving, enhancing metabolism, and reducing depression that involves over eating.

  •  Blue light reduces the appetite so instead of putting a normal light, use blue light in your refrigerator.
  • Yellow color is considered good to focus on something.  So, daily wear yellow glasses for 20 minutes. It will help you focus on healthy diet, eventually you will lose weight.
  • Red also reduces the appetite, so visualize it daily for 10 minutes because it works better than seeing this color.
  • Blue, green and violet reduces the appetite so you can hang pictures with these colors around the eating area. You can also put your meal in a colored plate like violet or blue as it would tempt you to eat less.  Similarly, eating foods of these colors will fill the stomach.
  • If you are using table cover or cloth, then make it black as this will also reduce your appetite, eventually reducing weight.
  • You can also drink water that is being energized in red glass. You can prepare it at home; take two glasses having red tint or take normal glasses and wrap them with the red light gel. Put 8 ounces of water in the glasses, covering them with a plastic wrap. Then, place them in the sunlight for three hours. Drink this water twice a day, and continue it until you lose weight.


  • If your weight gain is due to a disease or medicine then consult your doctor before going for any alternative weight loss therapy.
  • Don’t use red sunglasses because it has opposite effect as it increases the appetite.

There are so many other ways of weight loss, and fitness.



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