Learn about weight loss from kids


RYO5_8082   Though, there is so much knowledge on weight loss, but how to stick to a plan depends on your thoughts, motivation and behavior.  There is an amazing discovery that kids can teach you to reduce weight. We often forget how we used to focus on a project as a child, but we can learn it by observing the kids.  Here are some motivating weight loss tips derived from such observation.

Make weight loss a game

Try to lose weight with fun, as kids do every project very seriously focusing on it, but they never take tension.

Run if you can

Kids often cover a smallest distance by running with full energy. You can follow this tip by replacing a drive with a walk.

images   Eat what you like

We often eat something for others at a party, or with friends, so avoid it and only eat healthy.

boy_w_kids  Laugh

Kids take everything lightly; they laugh and have fun. It enhances energy that helps you achieve your goal. So, smile and laugh often because it helps focus on weight loss.

Relax and play

Don’t overdo your work and get some free time to enjoy in the form of sports, and outdoor activities. This would make you fresh and energetic having more motivation for a healthy lifestyle.

KidsRunningGreenGrassHiRes476   Be with friends

Kids attract each other as they get spirit to play with energy. If you follow same behavior including other people in your workout, you will lose weight fast.

Get adventurous

Kids love adventurous life, which they find outside in the playground, open air and greenery. They hardly sit inside for long as they get bored. How an enclosed gym can motivate you, so go out and do your workouts there, like walk, and run, etc.

Nothing is impossible

Kids do everything fearlessly, and believe that they can make it happen. You can do the same, so forget doubts, fears, criticism, worries and negative thoughts.

Be imaginative

Kids are super in imagination and create amazing stories. You can also do the same; your mind power can help a lot in weight loss. Imagine yourself as a fit person, and you would be doing what fit people do.

When you feel and act like a kid, you would become open-minded seeing more possibilities. Every day will become a new day for you, so enjoy your weight loss game.

There is lot more on weight loss tips, and motivation.


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