Top Hollywood stars weight loss and fitness tips



Everybody wants to stay fit, but with so much information we often get confused, and don’t know what to follow. The best thing is to observe what the fit people do for weight loss. Famous celebs and Hollywood stars don’t always use expensive methods to stay fit, but they work very hard for fitness. We all admire Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Marion Cotillard, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio, etc. Though, you don’t want to look that glamorous, but staying fit is your right. Other than following a healthy diet,  let’s see some workout tips of famous people and their trainers.

Make road your partner

There are many workouts, including jogging or walk that you can do outdoor. So, those men and women who are too lazy to go to the gym can at least go out for a walk or some other workout. You can also join a community and run for a cause.

images   Lunges and dumbbells

These are especially done by celebrity moms when they want to look good after pregnancy. You can do lunges, including shoulder presses, as they are very effective. Angelina jolly is also very fond of lunges.

lowerbodystrength_ex2  Wall squats using ball

You can do wall squats by putting the ball on your back, so that you can maintain the right form when you sculpt the legs and butt.

1336466956StepAerobicsWeight loss with Dance

Just like dancing stars, you can dance as your body movement will make you energetic and strong. Some famous celebs who have done dancing pictures said that they lost weight so fast that they had to maintain it with shakes.

Do what you like and focus

Famous celebs say that you should focus on your body and if you enjoy the workout, you will lose more. So, put everything behind; all tensions, and problems, and just focus.

images (1)   Cycling

Many celebs do cycling; they love it, so make a goal for how long you can ride a cycle.  If you do cycling for an hour, you can burn 500 calories keeping the pace normal. It also helps sculpt the legs, abs and butt.

Try different things

Celebrities also get bored with the same routine like us, and they mix different types of workouts. You can do the same, and can change them after a while to keep your fitness plan interesting all the time. If are jogging for a week, the next week you can just walk, or can dance at home, or can join an aerobics class. Likewise, do weight training for one or two weeks and then change it with boxing or some other workout, so be creative and design your own workouts.

Go for band exercise

Star like Julia Roberts like resistance-band exercise, which involve standing on the band that is good for double biceps curls. It is also good for shoulder raises.

Avoid dehydration

Being fluid is essential, so drink water before exercise and after certain intervals, so that you don’t get dehydrated.  It will also prevent you from overheating and cramps. This is especially important in summers.

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