When diet and exercise don’t help in weight loss


images (10)  Many people complain that even after hard dieting and exercise they are unable to lose weight. There are several reasons behind it which I am sharing with you.

Excessive cardio body

Sometimes excessive cardio increases your heart rate more than 75%, and if it’s prolonged you start burning glycogen, leading to more craving because the body sugar level gets low. If this becomes a consistent condition, you will lose muscles, and gain weight, releasing cortisol more than normal.

Eating unhealthy

Many dieters think that they are following a healthy diet plan, but it’s not so. It’s not about eating with zero calories; instead it should be healthy, like organic foods, unrefined foods, and try recipes containing a few ingredients.

Getting more muscles

Scales sometimes don’t tell the truth because sometimes you don’t know that the weight is increasing. So, better check your waist or test your body fat. On the other hand, sometimes you are losing weight, but it does not appear on the scale. So, in such case you should check your measurements.

Eating more calories

You should make a plan, like how many pounds you can lose with how many calories. If you are taking healthy diet but more calories, it won’t lose weight. Sometimes, you eat nuts, sugar free foods and drinks, but in more quantity then obviously there would be no progress in weight loss. You lose 300 calories with 30 minute workout, but what’s the use if you eat a lot after that.

Don’t expect quick results in weight loss

Sometimes you lose patience and start expecting fast results. Be realistic and try to find that how much fat you can lose with your diet plan, and in how many days. Sometimes, after a week of diet your clothes start getting loose, but the scale shows the same old weight. So, better continue healthy lifestyle to lose weight.

You are not observing what you eat

If you don’t take care of your calorie intake, you will eat more, so always keep record of your diet and calories.

You could be drinking less water

I am again emphasizing that water helps a lot in weight loss, so eat enough water. It also makes you filled and eventually you eat less.

Correct your posture

It’s true though sounds weird, but the fact is if you don’t sit straight the fat will start accumulating in your upper part; the chest, arms, face and neck, all will become lose and fatty. This becomes worse if it’s prolonged, so do watch your posture especially if you work on computer most of the time.

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