Lose weight while sleeping and get fit


shutterstock_75117361    Weight training is not new and every fitness conscious person does it, but not everyone knows that it burns calories even while seeping. According to a research, women who lift weights burn more calories than cardio. You burn calories all day whether sitting, seeping or doing normal tasks. Weights alone can burn 100 calories in a day; you can combine it with cardio to lose fat. You can achieve the desired results with heavy weights only. Here, I am sharing with you the benefits of weight training for strength and weight loss.

 It enhances body strength

You will get stronger with weight training, and won’t need another person’s help in daily tasks because of strong bones.

It burns more fat

A research was done by Wayne Westcott from Massachusetts, according to that if an average woman uses weights for strength for two or three times a week, she can lose 3.5 pounds fat, gaining two pounds of muscles in two months. If she wants to lose more she can combine it with cardio and diet.

It won’t make you bulky

Most people especially women have a misconception that they will become bulky after weight strength, but it’s not so. Instead, you will have toned muscles and strength without an increase in the body size.

It helps prevent osteoporosis

Another research says that weight training prevents women from osteoporosis. If you do it for six months, it will help increase mineral density of the spinal bone by 13%.

It enhances  athletic ability

If you are an athlete, weight training will make you stronger, improving your performance. Even a normal person can have more running time after gaining strength with weights.

It reduces back pain, and arthritis

Weight exercise not only burns fat, but it protects you from many injuries especially of bones. It makes your joints strong preventing from arthritis.  It also makes connective tissues stronger and reduces low back pain, whereas the success rate in this case is about 80 percent.

You don’t have to start at young age

images (11)     You can start it at any age even if you are above 60, but do ask your doctor if you already have a disease or injury. You can start with low weights if you are very old. There are so many examples of women over 60 to 70 who use weights to strengthen their bones, and are very healthy.

It reduces depression

According to a research being done at Harvard, strength training help reduce depression more than counseling. According to a study if you do it for 10 weeks it will reduce depression fast.

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