How to increase running stamina for fitness?


run  Running is an essential exercise to stay fit, but you can enjoy running only if you don’t get tired soon. If you feel fresh before and after running, it will help you increase your stamina.  There are certain ways through which you can enhance your stamina to run.

Carefully select the shoes

You can’t run with bad shoes or which are uncomfortable and too hard. Bad shoes may cause severe foot damage including a fracture. So, if you don’t want to spend much on a doctor, better buy good quality shoes for running. Once you buy good shoes, you can use them for long.

Warm up before running

You can’t just start running without a warm up as it gives you strength to run for long. Those who don’t do it get hurt. You can start the warm up with a brisk walk, or slow jogging for few minutes. You can also do stretches to reduce the body stiffness.

Get relaxed

You cannot run if you are under stress, so make yourself comfortable before running. We all know that stress and tension drain out our energy; hence for better energy you should stay calm while running.

Increase the running time slowly

If you start running for a longer duration, you will get exhausted.  So, start slow, increase the pace slowly and follow the 10% rule. According to that rule increase the running distance by 10% per week.

Skip a few days

It’s not necessary to run daily for a month. Take off for a few days, so that you can recover your energy. This recovery will increase your stamina, and you can run for a longer time after that. If you pre-plan your running time and distance, it can easily decide the number of off days.

Don’t eat or drink before running

Though everyone knows it, but still many people don’t follow this advice, and eventually they lack the stamina.

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