No loose skin during weight loss


images  When you lose weight, your skin becomes baggy and it takes time to get back to its original form. But, there are certain ways through which you can get the tight skin back.

Lose weight slowly

If you do hard dieting, it will make your skin baggy so lose weight slowly. Hard exercise, dehydration, sun exposure and smoking are also responsible for loose skin. As our skin is stretched because of fat on the muscles, hence the moment you lose fat, your skin gets loose too because its support in the form of muscles is gone.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Water helps skin maintain its elasticity, but severe exercise makes you dehydrated, so you need liquid in various forms. Fresh water is a best choice, but juices are equally good if they are fresh and unsweetened.

Go for protein

Collagen and elastin keeps the skin tight, and you can obtain these elements from protein rich diet, like milk, beans, tofu, nuts, seeds, cottage cheese, legumes, and fish. You don’t only get protein, but healthy oil as well.

Concentrate on your skin during weight loss

 No matter how good your diet is, you still have to take care of your skin on a regular basis. Blood circulation makes the skin fresh, and that requires exfoliation; if you do it daily that would be awesome. Your skin will be toned with minerals and sea salt bath. There are also some good skin tightening creams available in the market with elements as aloe vera, vitamin C, E and A, as well as soy protein.

You can also apply fresh aloe vera gel on your skin as it removes pigments from the skin in a short time. If you don’t like gel then mix it with rose water and lemon, as all these elements will make your skin tight. Likewise, use a good face wash instead of hard soaps, and also avoid hot water and use only fresh water.

There is more about healthy food and  weight loss.


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