Lose weight while eating what you want


As we know that fitness is all about eating healthy food than just exercise. You can eat anything, but you have to avoid fat and sugar, so here are a few tips for you.

  • Avoid sugary shakes and smoothies.

images (1)  Substitute: Make shakes and smoothies, using dates; as it’s a great substitute of sugar. You can also use dates in any type of sauce.

  • Don’t use syrup or butter over pancakes or waffles.

2652508_f520  Substitute: you can use any fruit’s thick puree that is cooked. You can make it with mangoes, strawberries, cherries, or plums.

  • We all know that mayo is not healthy, so how to make a good sandwich then?

images (2)  Substitute: use avocado, make its pulp and spread over the bread and stuff it the way you like.

  • Avoid french fries.

Substitute: take zucchini, cut it into finger chips shape and bake it. You can coat it with egg white and bread crumbs, eating with any dip.

  • Avoid sweets or candies

images (5)   Substitute: take grapes; put them in the freezer and here you have your candies.

  • What if you want to add sour cream in a recipe?

greek-yogurt-400  Substitute: Greek yogurt will be the best choice.

  • While making salad you don’t have to put mayo in it.

Substitute: use regular or Greek yogurt, like you can make any kind of chicken, veggies and egg salad.

  • Popcorns are delicious with cheese, but they are too fatty.

images (7)  Substitute: you can have nutritional yeast over the popcorn.

  • Do you want to make cream soup without cream?

  images (9) Substitute: go get potatoes, or cashews, blend them and put in the soup.

  • Don’t use bread crumbs for making meatballs

300px-Rolled_oats   Substitute: oats are excellent choice for making meatballs.

  • Say no to flour spaghettis

Zucchini Noodles  Substitute: take zucchini, cut it into ribbons and here you have spaghetti.

  • Instead of noodles make squash spaghetti by cutting it lengthwise.
  • While making crispy chicken don’t use flour or bread crumbs.

images (4)   Substitute: use almonds for this purpose, by crushing almonds.

  • You can make tacos without tortillas.

images (3)  Substitute: with lettuce you can make excellent tacos.

  • If you love cookies, but can’t have butter, don’t worry.

apple_sauce_reg  Substitute: While baking cookies, use avocados instead of butter. Similarly, apple sauce can replace oil in making cakes.

  • Avoid sweet ice cream

images (8)   Substitute: take evaporated milk, whip it, add some brown sugar and freeze it. You can also freeze bananas for this purpose.

In baking avoid wheat flour if you are allergic to it, as you can have almond flour.

  • Soda is bad for health.

Substitute: you can take seltzer, adding mint, cucumber and lemon.

There is lot more on weight loss, fitness and diet, so explore this blog.


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