When obesity becomes a disease


5_diet_400_17vnhsh-17vnhtp  Obesity is considered bad for not only adults, but children as well and if not taken care of, it becomes a disease after some time.

  • When  weight increases, the chances of type 2 diabetes become more than any other disease. Diabetes can make our body a center of many diseases, including heart attack, eye problems and kidney disease, etc. Children of diabetic parents are more vulnerable to this disease; hence they should have healthy lifestyle.
  • There are more chances of high blood pressure with obesity. According to a research, 25 percent of high blood pressure patients have obesity. So, the doctors always recommend exercise and natural diet to such patients.
  • The most serious issue caused by obesity is that of heart, the arteries get blocked and the heart becomes week, especially if you are also diabetic. Likewise, people with fat belly are more at a risk of heart disease.
  • Excessive fat also causes obstructive sleep apnea; a respiratory disease due to which breathing ceases while sleeping. So, the brain gets less oxygen, causing poor memory, hypertension and lack of concentration.
  • Obesity also causes high cholesterol, increasing LDL or bad cholesterol, and it causes heart disease.
  • Overweight causes acid re flux, also known as GORD (gastro oesophageal re flux disease). In this disease, the acid goes to esophagus from the stomach, that’s why you feel heart burning.
  • Obesity effects joints, causing gout; your ankles, toes and knees as well as other joints get affected. Uric acid increases in the joints, causing severe pain.
  • Obese people are more at risk of fatal disease like bowel, breast and esophageal cancer. Hence, avoid junk or fatty foods, and do regular workouts.
  • Sometimes an overweight person feels difficult to breathe while walking, that’s a sure sign of heart issue or diabetes or hypertension. Such person should see the doctor as soon as possible, whereas the regular exercise can make things better.

Know more about obesity and get, weight loss tips here.


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