How to lose weight and Tummy after pregnancy?


download Pregnancy causes weight gain especially in the tummy area. There are many ways to deal with this situation, which are shared by famous star mummies. Here it is how you can flatten your belly in a few weeks.

  •  Select only low-fat dairy products, you can have low-fat yogurt and cheese as well as skimmed milk. They all help lose weight near your midriff.
  •  While walking, breath in a way to take your abs in, as it will flatten the stomach easily.
  • Some women use tummy slim lotion, which you can also apply to other areas, like chubby backs and thighs.
  • Always stand straight because it will flatten the stomach.
  • Laugh often as it is a good workout for belly.


  •  Don’t eat gum or talk a lot as it causes an air flow, hence your stomach will get bloated.
  •  Never starve for dieting, as you will have more fat.
  • Don’t avoid water, as water help reduce fat and bloating, which happens because of dehydration.
  • Avoid gadgets that keep you sit for long.


  • You can do crunches by pelvic tilts, and abs’ contraction. Lie down on the back and bend the knees with foot on floor. Then tighten the abs by tilting the pelvic towards head. This is a good exercise to lose tummy weight.
  • Another workout with the same position as knees bent and lying on the back, but put your hands under your neck as it will support the head. Press lower back to floor, lifting shoulders and head off the floor. You can repeat it 10 or 15 times, and when you become strong, you can make it a bit harder than before by lifting your feet off the ground. All such muscle exercises will flatten your belly.
  • You can use various things for workout, like a bench; by lying down with feet on floor and hold your child over your belly; in this position breath in and out. While inhaling you can pull the abs inside. You can repeat it as many times as you want depending on your tolerance.
  • Ball exercise is very common for the tummy; ball crunches are just like other crunches, however you need to get balanced and the moves are more challenging than other workouts. However, some women don’t like this exercise; hence they can go for Pilates or yoga, which are equally helpful in losing weight.
  • Simple walk on a regular basis will also help a lot; you can walk for as long as you can tolerate. It will reduce blotting, so you won’t have fat belly.

There are several other weight loss tips through which you can reduce your tummy.


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