Women after Weight loss surgery


images (1)   According to the latest research, the rate of weight loss surgeries has increased in America since 1998. The reason of such surgeries is either some health issue or the wish to look good. But, apart from all surgery has many problems. This research was done by the American society of metabolic and bariatric surgery.

Likewise, in Norway many women go under gastric bypass surgery in which a small intestine’s route to the stomach is changed, reducing the food intake and hunger. A research was done on such women, and the participants were asked how they feel after one to five years of surgery, and it was found that, though the surgery improved patients’ lifestyle, but it affected them in many ways. However, other people can hardly notice these problems.

Karen Synne Groven (a researcher from the University of Oslo) found that women became more confident and extrovert after surgery, but it can be discouraging for other women who think that they can’t have confidence with obesity, so they have to undergo surgery. Women hardly share their surgeries with others, and most pretend that they have lost weight through diet and exercise, because telling the truth is embarrassing for them.

Skin after weight loss surgery

In fact, after surgery the skin starts sagging, hence women feel embarrassed to get naked. Though, the patients are told before the procedure that such problem can be fixed, but that’s not so simple. Most women are so thrilled that they hardly consider this issue. The only solution to this problem is another surgery, which can remove loose skin. But, hardly any woman wants to face another surgery, besides it has risks including hematoma and infection, as well as pregnancy problems in the future.

Health problems after weight loss surgery

Some women were also reported to have health issues after this surgery, including stomach and intestine problems. Some other women felt lack of energy, and their relationship with the food also changed.  To keep the fitness image women become more conscious in their eating habits, feeling lethargic as a result.  Women who had overeating habits did not change it, so it affected their health. Experts say that women after surgery need to control their diet to be in shape. So, the surgery makes patients more conscious of their health than before.

But, apart from all such problems most women don’t regret after surgery, as they think that the society don’t appreciate obesity. Especially, those who have gained too much think it impossible to lose weight fast, hence weight loss surgery becomes their only option. So, such surgeries have become a matter of personal choice.

Some women choose surgery due to certain psychological factors, like they feel that they will have cancer or diabetes or heart problem. They don’t want to die and leave their kids alone; hence they try to lose weight through surgery. But, isn’t it good to change your lifestyle to stay fit; if you regularly workout, take natural and low fat diet, there would be no chance of obesity.



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