Weight loss can enhance your memory


941b4bb0254607e0db862b66c03c392b    Having healthy weight not only makes you attractive, but it’s also good for your memory. Obesity has no benefit in terms of brain power, so the more fit you are, the more active your brain will be. This connection of brain with weight loss was first found as a result of research done by Swedish experts. The researchers did experiments on older women who were overweight, but when they reduced their weight they passed the memory test with good scores.

Studies show that obese people can’t concentrate well, so they don’t remember things and incidents well. Dr. Andreas Peterson from Umea University selected 20 obese women of an age 61, and put them to 6 months diet plan. He checked their episodic memory before and after dieting and found that their memory had improved as they could easily memorize names and faces. So, reduced weight improved the performance of the participants; their brains were also scanned and proved very active in recalling and storing different things.

After the research, Dr. Peterson gave a presentation at a meeting of experts in San Francisco. He said that after losing weight, your brain don’t have to stress to recall anything as it becomes efficient. Hence, those who are obese with certain memory issues should work hard to reduce weight so that they can have good memory. Likewise, overweight diabetic patients also have slow memory; therefore they should concentrate on weight loss, following a well-planned diet.

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