Healing through natural pharmacy


God has created treatment in fruits, nuts and vegetables, and if we cut these foods we see a certain resemblance of their forms with body organs for which they are prescribed. Such foods keep our bodies healthy,  healing  various parts.

carrot Carrots

If you observe a carrot in a sliced form, you will notice its resemblance with the eye, showing the form of a pupil and iris. And carrot if taken daily in any form like salad or juice, it would enhance the eyesight. That’s why doctors recommend it for the better condition of our eyes.

tomato Tomatoes

They are considered well for heart and also enrich the blood, and if you see tomato in a sliced form, you would notice four parts just like four chambers, which are present in the heart. Besides its color is red like heart, and blood, so it’s also considered good for making blood.

grape  Grapes

These are considered excellent heart food, and have you ever noticed a bunch resemblance with the heart. Whereas a grape seems like blood cell, so they are also considered good for enhancing the blood.

walnut Walnuts

Doctors recommend it for enhancing brain function, and when you remove the cover and see the nut inside, it resembles brain. You will see two parts like left and right hemispheres, whereas upper and lower part resembles cerebrums. Similarly, like neo-cortex it has wrinkles on its surface.

kidney-beans   Kidney beans

These are thought good for kidneys, and the bean also looks just like a kidney. You should take it in any form cooked or boiled, but boiled type in the form of salads would be much better.

celery   Celery

It resembles bones, and considered good for bone strength. There is 23 percent sodium in bones, and same amount in celery. Absence of sodium makes bones weak so we should take celery.

figs    Figs

These are rich in seeds which are always in pairs. These help increase the life of sperm and also enhances sperm numbers, healing male sterility.

lemon    Grapefruits, and Oranges,

These resemble female mammary glands hence are good for the health of breasts.

onions    Onions

They resemble human body cells, and according to the latest research onions detoxify body cells. The tears produced by eyes while cutting the onions help eyes wash epithelial layers.

sweet-potatoes    Sweet potatoes

These resemble pancreas, so according to a research they help control the glycemic levels in diabetes.

There are many other natural products, which are good for healing.


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