Weight loss news – overweight type 2 diabetes patients can hardly survive


overweight-exercise-diabetes-300x200     According to latest research, the patients who have type 2 diabetes, and they are also overweight are more vulnerable to death than those who are not overweight, but have diabetes. So, obese type 2 diabetes patients should follow healthy ways of weight loss.

The research was done by the experts of HSPH, Harvard School of Public Health, and New England Journal of Medicine published the result on January 16.  Based on this research, the doctors emphasize on weight loss management among obese patients with type 2 diabetes. The research included 8, 970 women in the Birmingham as well as NHS i.e. hospital based nurses’ health study and 2,457 men in the HPFS (Health Professional Follow-up Studies) with type 2. It showed that 3,083 deaths occur in a period between 26 to 36 years.

The research was based on BMI (body-mass index) of the patients before the diabetes diagnosis, and the experts observed a link between BMI and death risk that could be due to heart diseases, cancer, or other diseases. However, the death risk was low among diabetes patients with normal weight. Those who had higher BMI just before diabetes diagnosis were more considered vulnerable to death; however this is not true about smokers who have death risk even if they are lean.

According to Deirdre Tobias, (a researcher from HSPH) patients with higher BMI might have improved survival rate only because of artificial means. So, obesity is not good among type 2 patients at all, hence the patients should follow healthy weight loss methods to survive.







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