Weight Loss and Drugs


373d5b124fd2ec079d58344d836461db   There are several medicines available which are used weight loss. These medicines cause changes in the body weight through various ways, like changing the appetite, rate of absorption of calories by the body, and changing the metabolism. Such medicines are taken for a certain time period, except a few medicines.

Rimonabant is a drug which works by regulating the inner system as endocannabinoid. For weight loss this drug was approved in many countries like Europe, but not in USA and Canada for certain health issues.  In 2008 this was banned in Europe as well because of many side-effects including damage to the health instead of doing any good. Similarly, another drug Sibutramine also got banned in both USA and Canada, as it caused heart problems.


How weight loss drugs work?

All such drugs work through various processes, and some of them reduce the appetite, whereas some anti-depressants also reduce weight.  Some drugs help body to absorb only a few health nutrients, reducing the fat producing elements. Such drugs include glucomannan as well as guar gum, which is OTC fibre supplement. Anorectics also reduce appetite, but it has more side-effects. Such drugs are taken by those people who cannot follow a daily routine of exercise, or who don’t want a strict diet schedule.

Most obese people are very impatient, as they cannot wait for long so they prefer drugs. Some patients who are exceptionally fat have to take medicines along with diet and exercise. But the best way is to go for natural methods for weight loss.

Sibutramine is another drug which reduces the appetite, but it can cause high blood pressure, headache, constipation and dry mouth as well as insomnia. This drug was banned in many countries including UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, but is still taken in Asian countries due to lack of any law against such drugs.

There is another new development in the form of Rimonabant, which causes brain cells to send a message of low appetite, resulting weight loss.  Due to more risk factors, this drug has not become popular in US and Canada, so it is banned in these countries.

Weight loss with diabetes drugs

There are certain medicines used in diabetes which reduce weight, as Metformin like glucophage reduces appetite. However, glucophage is not good for patients who are already weak. There is another diabetic medicine named Byetta, which is used for weight reduction among over weight diabetic patients, because diabetes and excessive weight may cause a heart disease. But, this drug is good for patients who have type 2 diabetes.

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