Body Muscles, Metabolism and Fat


themoremuscle  Some people go on a severe diet plan; hence their muscles and metabolism get weak making them fat. The weight should be healthy enough, like you should be slim at the same time having strong muscles and metabolism. When you starve your muscles start sending calories to your body, so they become weak. As strong muscles mean strong metabolism, hence you get low-fat, but in starvation the opposite happens.

A decreased muscle mass will lower down metabolism rate, meaning you need less calories for your weight maintenance. So, you should concentrate on muscle-building and metabolism speeding up. This can be done in various ways, including food, and exercise. You can also see what athletes do to stay healthy and strong at a time, though you may not need very strong muscles like them, but you can learn from them a lot.

There are several recipes of smart snacks which can help build muscles, and burn fat at the same time. You can also accelerate your metabolism in different ways as given below:

  • You should live an active  life so that you get strong muscles as it will enhance the metabolism. Being only active in daily tasks isn’t enough; you should also do aerobic and resistance training because it’s ideal for muscles.


  •  Instead of taking large heavy meals, take small portions of food in a day. You can take smart snacks for this purpose in between your three meals. Calories burn in the process of      digesting the food so while eating, we also burn calories fast.
  •  Take foods rich in protein;however select low-fat only as it is found that 25 percent of calories that get burned come from such foods. For this purpose you can have only lean meat and skinless chicken.
  • Spices are excellent in speeding up your metabolism, like chilies are great for this purpose and these help increase the heart rate. However, chilies are not good for those with high pulse rate.
  • Green tea is ideal for enhancing  the metabolism and burning fat as it is full of antioxidants. You can have one or two cup daily as you like.
  • Some supplements are also  helpful in increasing muscles and boosting metabolism, however do ask your doctor before choosing anything.
  •  Chilling out is also good in increasing the metabolism rate.
  •  Getting hot is also good, like you can have sauna, however if you cannot bear steam don’t do it.
  •  Every person has different body needs; hence foods and exercises affect them differently. However, one thing is for sure that if you stay active and take natural diet, you will be healthy all your life.

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