Factors That Affect Weight Loss


aaa     People try different ways to lose weight, but you should consider certain factors during the process of weight loss.

Watch what you eat

• Take notice of your eating habits to see if any change is required. If you eat large meals, then divide it into small parts at different intervals, and better serve in small plates.

• Replace sugary snacks with fruits or nuts, but in small quantity. • If you still feel hungry even after eating enough meal, you should have food that fills you in small amounts so that you don’t feel hungry.

• Instead of having pastry or pudding, take natural yogurt. You can add some fruit in it.

• Eat slowly, because if you eat fast you will have more. Slow eating habit has many benefits as you eat less and chew for long that enhances the metabolism.

Buy what is good for you

You should buy healthy food, like don’t buy biscuits, or chocolates, etc., so that you don’t feel a need to eat them. If you make a list, it would be easier for you to shop for healthy diet.

Get healthy recipes

Instead of sticking to old meals, try new recipes with healthy and low Cal ingredients. There are many recipe books in the market, but if you are creative you can develop your own recipes.

Soups are good

Include more soups in your diet as they fill the stomach without feeling a temptation for heavy meal. You can also have it as a starter, because this way you eat less meal, eventually you will have low calories. However, soup should be healthy with less starch and cream or butter, etc.

Know what your body wants

Hunger may vary from person to person as some people feel more hungry even after having enough food. But, if you feel hungry that doesn’t mean that you need food, like it can be due to some feelings, may be you are bored, annoyed, or depressed for any reason and want to indulge in food to run from the situation. If your appetite is very strong then instead of eating a lot, take fiber which fills the body.  You can get fiber from fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain.

Drink healthy

Everybody knows that sugary drinks, like tea or coffee with sugar are unhealthy, so the best drink is fresh water. You must drink a lot of water; however you can add lemon or mint in it. You can take herbal or green tea as well without sugar. You can also drink water mixed with vinegar, as it helps lose weight, but an excessive amount is not good in certain diseases.

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