Crazy ways women follow to reduce weight


      weight loss  Weight loss is a big issue for both men and women, as people use different methods to lose their weight. But, sometimes women do weird things to lose weight. However, it’s not that all these ways always work, because some don’t. In this article are described such ways that might amuse you, but in fact these different ways are either dangerous or they are not helpful at all.

Getting a feeding tube

This really is the most pathetic and weird thing, because the doctor put a feeding tube into the nose for few days, say 7 to 8 days. And the basic aim is to have only liquids which can be around 1000 calories a day. There are specialists who supervise this process, but you need to have guts to do so, or perhaps those who want to lose weight desperately can go for this method.

Cleansing the body

In this method, the person who wants to lose weight takes only spicy lemonade for 10 days and no other diet. The concept behind is to fill the stomach so that you don’t feel hungry for other foods. Eventually, after 10 days you will have flat tummy in the absence of solid diet.

Using tapeworm

Sounds stupid, but yes many women do it as well. A parasite is ingested because it eats all the food being taken, hence there won’t be any calories or fat in the body. This method is for those who want to eat everything and still don’t want to have fat.

A diet plan with HCG

HCG is a hormone that is also present in pregnant women, and it can only allow 500 calories a day.

Taking diet pills

This method is the oldest and common as well. However it has many side effects as it can damage your kidneys or other organs if not taken with doctor’s advice.

Liposuction, a common method

Yes, this is another popular method among celebrities and ordinary women. However, you should be courageous enough to have a tube inserted in your thigh. But, you should choose a surgeon carefully because many cases of bad surgery are found. Both men and women go for this method. Some women have gone through bad days due to less trained doctors, so do some research before any treatment you want to have.

The best way is to use natural tips to lose weight so that you don’t get harmful effects. To get natural and free weight loss products, visit


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