Healing through natural pharmacy


God has created treatment in fruits, nuts and vegetables, and if we cut these foods we see a certain resemblance of their forms with body organs for which they are prescribed. Such foods keep our bodies healthy,  healing  various parts.

carrot Carrots

If you observe a carrot in a sliced form, you will notice its resemblance with the eye, showing the form of a pupil and iris. And carrot if taken daily in any form like salad or juice, it would enhance the eyesight. That’s why doctors recommend it for the better condition of our eyes.

tomato Tomatoes

They are considered well for heart and also enrich the blood, and if you see tomato in a sliced form, you would notice four parts just like four chambers, which are present in the heart. Besides its color is red like heart, and blood, so it’s also considered good for making blood.

grape  Grapes

These are considered excellent heart food, and have you ever noticed a bunch resemblance with the heart. Whereas a grape seems like blood cell, so they are also considered good for enhancing the blood.

walnut Walnuts

Doctors recommend it for enhancing brain function, and when you remove the cover and see the nut inside, it resembles brain. You will see two parts like left and right hemispheres, whereas upper and lower part resembles cerebrums. Similarly, like neo-cortex it has wrinkles on its surface.

kidney-beans   Kidney beans

These are thought good for kidneys, and the bean also looks just like a kidney. You should take it in any form cooked or boiled, but boiled type in the form of salads would be much better.

celery   Celery

It resembles bones, and considered good for bone strength. There is 23 percent sodium in bones, and same amount in celery. Absence of sodium makes bones weak so we should take celery.

figs    Figs

These are rich in seeds which are always in pairs. These help increase the life of sperm and also enhances sperm numbers, healing male sterility.

lemon    Grapefruits, and Oranges,

These resemble female mammary glands hence are good for the health of breasts.

onions    Onions

They resemble human body cells, and according to the latest research onions detoxify body cells. The tears produced by eyes while cutting the onions help eyes wash epithelial layers.

sweet-potatoes    Sweet potatoes

These resemble pancreas, so according to a research they help control the glycemic levels in diabetes.

There are many other natural products, which are good for healing.


How to lose weight fast in just 4 weeks?


8483a0cdd07f2f407d42b49040942463  Lots of people are selling weight loss products, claiming faster results, but they are not only expensive, but harmful too. Doing regular exercise is though the safest way, but it’s a slow process, and needs more patience to get the desired results. Here I am going to share my own experience about how I lost 20 lbs in only 4 weeks. I just followed a simple plan, without involving medicines or strict diet schedule.

How I started for quick weight loss?

For two weeks I only took fruits, whole wheat bread, rice, lemonade, as well as green tea. Here are some recipes I followed without affecting my health.

The breakfast: 1. I took two bran bread slices with honey and boiled egg white, and a cup of tea. To break the monotony and for a different taste, you can also have low-fat butter or cheese so that you don’t get bored with the same diet.

2. Banana and mango smoothie: it’s a great energizer; you can blend one banana with a few slices of mango or you can add one cup of skimmed milk. I don’t prefer sugar of any kind, so I used to put honey in the mixture while blending.

The lunch: On a daily basis, I used to have one bowl of fresh fruits added with spices and lemon. You can also mix nuts with fruits, but always buy fresh fruits instead of the canned one. I mostly used bananas, apples, grapes, mangos, guava, and oranges depending on the season, whereas a few raisins, almonds or walnuts were also in my list.

In the evening, I used to have tea and whole wheat biscuits or sometimes just a glass of lemonade

The Dinner: I loved grilled sandwich of bran bread and boiled chicken mixed with potatoes. The alternate was rice with vegetables’ gravy, but you can also try Chinese or Italian recipe or any other cuisine; just avoid animal fat and fried stuff. But you can take fat-free chicken or fish.

What I avoided? During my weight loss process I totally avoided fried foods, dairy products and animal fat.

Weight loss with miracle fiber:  I never stopped taking it even for a day, It’s kind of husk that I used to have with water, and I started with 3 table spoons daily an hour before my meal.  You can also take it even before breakfast. Then, I reduced it two table spoons daily. However, don’t take it with water if your stomach is upset, but you can mix it with organic yogurt.  Make it a daily part of your diet for lifelong benefits, as it has several other benefits than just losing the fat.

  • This miracle fiber also reduces bad cholesterol.
  • It helps maintain blood sugar levels.
  • It’s a great and fast cure for constipation.
  • It  also helps reduce blotting and acidity
  • In other words it also detoxifies your body.

During this entire process I never quit the daily brisk walk, and I still do it regularly. You can start from 15 minutes and gradually can take up to 30 minutes or more depending on your stamina. However, when I got busy with my computer, I used to walk for 5 minutes after every hour.

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weight loss quotes


Weight loss is not all about making and following a good plan, instead you need constant motivation in different ways, including live examples, inspiring quotes, and successful weight loss stories. Here are some very useful motivational weight loss quotes, which you can read daily or can hang in the kitchen or in your work place.

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Weight loss news – overweight type 2 diabetes patients can hardly survive


overweight-exercise-diabetes-300x200     According to latest research, the patients who have type 2 diabetes, and they are also overweight are more vulnerable to death than those who are not overweight, but have diabetes. So, obese type 2 diabetes patients should follow healthy ways of weight loss.

The research was done by the experts of HSPH, Harvard School of Public Health, and New England Journal of Medicine published the result on January 16.  Based on this research, the doctors emphasize on weight loss management among obese patients with type 2 diabetes. The research included 8, 970 women in the Birmingham as well as NHS i.e. hospital based nurses’ health study and 2,457 men in the HPFS (Health Professional Follow-up Studies) with type 2. It showed that 3,083 deaths occur in a period between 26 to 36 years.

The research was based on BMI (body-mass index) of the patients before the diabetes diagnosis, and the experts observed a link between BMI and death risk that could be due to heart diseases, cancer, or other diseases. However, the death risk was low among diabetes patients with normal weight. Those who had higher BMI just before diabetes diagnosis were more considered vulnerable to death; however this is not true about smokers who have death risk even if they are lean.

According to Deirdre Tobias, (a researcher from HSPH) patients with higher BMI might have improved survival rate only because of artificial means. So, obesity is not good among type 2 patients at all, hence the patients should follow healthy weight loss methods to survive.






Weight loss news – the reason behind childhood obesity is not fast food


images (1)      We all believe that, these days childhood obesity has increased than the past years and we blame fast food for this, but the recent research has proved it wrong. The nutrition experts say that obesity among children is because of their daily eating habits and fast food is just a part of it. Hence, weight loss is possible only with a daily routine of healthy diet.

The research was done at the University of North Carolina and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the result. It says that a child’s parents and caretaker is responsible in developing a poor eating habit, as it hardly includes fruits and vegetables. Children are so used to processed food and beverages that they cannot avoid it and take it both at home and school. They don’t just get high calories from the fast food, but from other foods as well. As these foods have become their daily meals, hence more percentage of children is getting obese. Sweets and chocolates also play a major role in childhood obesity.

The research is based on a survey that was done between 2007 and 2010; the ages included were between 2 to 18 years, and 4,466 kids were surveyed for this purpose. The result showed that it wasn’t fast food; instead the poor diet caused obesity. The research is based on strong evidences, however that does not mean children should completely avoid fast food as it’s not possible, instead parents should develop good eating habits among children from the very young age.

So, the cause is not fast food, hence people should make their kids take more fruits and vegetables than sweets, or unhealthy diet. Taking fast food on an occasional basis can be fine, but should not be allowed daily along with poor diet. The main reason is also that parents don’t bother to make healthy food at home; hence the easiest thing for them is to buy fast food. If parents get creative and make delicious recipes with vegetables and fruits, children would surely love it.

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Weight Loss and Drugs


373d5b124fd2ec079d58344d836461db   There are several medicines available which are used weight loss. These medicines cause changes in the body weight through various ways, like changing the appetite, rate of absorption of calories by the body, and changing the metabolism. Such medicines are taken for a certain time period, except a few medicines.

Rimonabant is a drug which works by regulating the inner system as endocannabinoid. For weight loss this drug was approved in many countries like Europe, but not in USA and Canada for certain health issues.  In 2008 this was banned in Europe as well because of many side-effects including damage to the health instead of doing any good. Similarly, another drug Sibutramine also got banned in both USA and Canada, as it caused heart problems.


How weight loss drugs work?

All such drugs work through various processes, and some of them reduce the appetite, whereas some anti-depressants also reduce weight.  Some drugs help body to absorb only a few health nutrients, reducing the fat producing elements. Such drugs include glucomannan as well as guar gum, which is OTC fibre supplement. Anorectics also reduce appetite, but it has more side-effects. Such drugs are taken by those people who cannot follow a daily routine of exercise, or who don’t want a strict diet schedule.

Most obese people are very impatient, as they cannot wait for long so they prefer drugs. Some patients who are exceptionally fat have to take medicines along with diet and exercise. But the best way is to go for natural methods for weight loss.

Sibutramine is another drug which reduces the appetite, but it can cause high blood pressure, headache, constipation and dry mouth as well as insomnia. This drug was banned in many countries including UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, but is still taken in Asian countries due to lack of any law against such drugs.

There is another new development in the form of Rimonabant, which causes brain cells to send a message of low appetite, resulting weight loss.  Due to more risk factors, this drug has not become popular in US and Canada, so it is banned in these countries.

Weight loss with diabetes drugs

There are certain medicines used in diabetes which reduce weight, as Metformin like glucophage reduces appetite. However, glucophage is not good for patients who are already weak. There is another diabetic medicine named Byetta, which is used for weight reduction among over weight diabetic patients, because diabetes and excessive weight may cause a heart disease. But, this drug is good for patients who have type 2 diabetes.

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Body Muscles, Metabolism and Fat


themoremuscle  Some people go on a severe diet plan; hence their muscles and metabolism get weak making them fat. The weight should be healthy enough, like you should be slim at the same time having strong muscles and metabolism. When you starve your muscles start sending calories to your body, so they become weak. As strong muscles mean strong metabolism, hence you get low-fat, but in starvation the opposite happens.

A decreased muscle mass will lower down metabolism rate, meaning you need less calories for your weight maintenance. So, you should concentrate on muscle-building and metabolism speeding up. This can be done in various ways, including food, and exercise. You can also see what athletes do to stay healthy and strong at a time, though you may not need very strong muscles like them, but you can learn from them a lot.

There are several recipes of smart snacks which can help build muscles, and burn fat at the same time. You can also accelerate your metabolism in different ways as given below:

  • You should live an active  life so that you get strong muscles as it will enhance the metabolism. Being only active in daily tasks isn’t enough; you should also do aerobic and resistance training because it’s ideal for muscles.


  •  Instead of taking large heavy meals, take small portions of food in a day. You can take smart snacks for this purpose in between your three meals. Calories burn in the process of      digesting the food so while eating, we also burn calories fast.
  •  Take foods rich in protein;however select low-fat only as it is found that 25 percent of calories that get burned come from such foods. For this purpose you can have only lean meat and skinless chicken.
  • Spices are excellent in speeding up your metabolism, like chilies are great for this purpose and these help increase the heart rate. However, chilies are not good for those with high pulse rate.
  • Green tea is ideal for enhancing  the metabolism and burning fat as it is full of antioxidants. You can have one or two cup daily as you like.
  • Some supplements are also  helpful in increasing muscles and boosting metabolism, however do ask your doctor before choosing anything.
  •  Chilling out is also good in increasing the metabolism rate.
  •  Getting hot is also good, like you can have sauna, however if you cannot bear steam don’t do it.
  •  Every person has different body needs; hence foods and exercises affect them differently. However, one thing is for sure that if you stay active and take natural diet, you will be healthy all your life.

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