Best Weight Loss Tips With Healthy Snacks


weight loss  There are various ways of snacking for health 0r energy, and we also need to keep the blood sugar level normal. There are certain tips to meet all these requirements, which are described here.

Only eat when hungry

Some people crave for chocolates, if it’s so with you that mean you are not hungry, so don’t have a snack or chocolate.

Your snack should have 150 calories

The snack should be a snack, not a meal so keep it small. This can satisfy your hunger until you take the regular meal. There are many recipes with low calories of which you can choose what you like.

Take nuts

Munching nuts is healthy, and you can take a handful of it as a snack, because it can satisfy you for two hours. You can have any nuts like almond, cashew, walnuts or peanuts instead of crackers. However, it should not be more than a handful.

Avoid bowl and eat in a plate

If you eat taking food from a bag, you will end up eating a lot. So whatever snack you like; place it in a plate in moderate amount and eat.

An apple a day

An apple with skin is a great snack, as it keeps you filled. Its rich in antioxidants, which help fight against free radicles in the blood. Fiber lowers down the cholesterol, and it is good in diabetes as it keeps the sugar level normal.

Make Banana smoothie

It’s also filling and you don’t feel like eating anything for long. You can make smoothie with yogurt. It also gives you potassium, and essential minerals.

Have crackers topped with peanut butter

Crackers become heavy when you eat a lot, so the best way is to have a few with little peanut butter over it. It keeps you filled, and you can have three crackers.  Those who don’t like peanut butter can also dress it up with any sauce made with fresh fruits like strawberry sauce, plum sauce, peach or mango sauce.

Enjoy vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is full of nutrition if you make it right. Like, you can make it spicy with sauce and spices. Just be creative with it and enjoy a smart snack. It also keeps you filled for hours till your regular meal.

Make candy with frozen grapes

Beat your candy craving with frozen grapes. You can keep it in the freezer for whole night in a plastic bag. It will act as a non-sugar candy for you; as grapes are cold so you don’t eat much and feel filled. In fact it’s a trick for the brain as you think that you ate a large snack.

Have salt free popcorn

These are not only healthy, but satisfy your hunger as well. They are rich in fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. However, don’t sprinkle it with salt, sugar or butter etc., just have plain popcorn.

All these snacks can easily satisfy your munching habit and they are healthy too.

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