Lose Weight With Smart Snacks


Snacking is a good habit, but you should consider the nutritional facts of snacks because snacks don’t only satisfy your munching habits, instead they help lose weight. There are certain tips to use smart snacks for weight loss as:

  1.  Though, the research has shown that coffee is healthy in many ways, but it’s true only about black coffee, because cappuccino is full of calories as it has sugar and cream. According to an estimate, a cup of cappuccino has 150 calories. Instead of coffee you can have white tea like green tea, adding various flavors to it if you want. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants that protect our body from several diseases.
  2.  When it comes to snacks, chocolate attracts a lot, but do you know that a 50 gram chocolate bar contains 255 calories having 15 grams fat and 7 grams sugar. Its substitute can be protein bar with chocolate flavor, because the fat quantity is only 5 grams, whereas it has 15 grams protein and 10 grams carbohydrates.
  3.  Avoid dried fruits which are very sweet like raisins, dried mangoes, and dates, etc. The best substitute is the mixture of almonds and berries, as 50 grams of this mixture has only 100 calories. Berries are very healthy as they help build muscles, give lot of energy and also enhance human growth hormones.
  4. Diet yogurt is very popular these days, but the fact is it has more calories than natural yogurt. Cinnamon is also considered good in reducing weight so you can add one teaspoon of cinnamon in a small cup of natural yogurt. According to nutritionists there are 200 calories in a normal tub of diet yogurt, whereas the same amount of natural yogurt has only 160 calories.
  5. Avoid chocolate cookies because they are rich in sugar, butter, refined flour, and these are all unhealthy. The best replacement is cocoa ball, because cocoa as raw form is rich in antioxidants and it has no sugar. Cocoa also contains chromium that balances blood sugar levels, eventually help reduce weight. On the other hand chocolate cookies are rich in visceral fat causing diabetes and heart issues.

How to make cocoa ball?

 The ingredients include,

  • One cup of nuts.
  • Half cup of mixed seeds.
  • A few berries.
  • A dessert spoon of cocoa.

Mix all ingredients in a blender and make small balls; you can sprinkle some cocoa powder on it with shredded coconut. Freeze it before serving using an airtight container.

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