Easy Ways to Flatten Your Belly


52814fd16f2d04e09d0e0576cbb1a952Though, everyone wants to stay fit but hard exercises are not easy for all. Some people seem slim but have fat belly which make them awkward. Here are some easy ways to flatten the belly.

  1. Circuit training is a good way to reduce belly fast; it also kills fat and strengthens the muscles. The exercise involves both pull-ups and push-ups having 15 repetitions per set. Do it three times a week, but follow it with one minute rope jumping before starting. One workout will help reduce 600 calories.
  2. Concentrate on abdominal muscles three times a week. The workout involves leg raises, and crunches. You can do it in three sets with 20 repetitions, whereas you can also use planks. You should hold the body with pushups on elbows. Four sets are enough for 30 to 60 seconds.
  3. While reducing the tummy, always focus on healthy diet avoiding junk food completely. You should take fruits, vegetables and wholegrain products, like pastas and breads. You can also take chicken, fish and lean beef. Don’t avoid dairy products; instead take low-fat food avoiding sugary or processed foods and use organic diet.
  4. Try to have less sodium so that your body doesn’t retain water, because it also increases weight. You can use other spices or black salt for taste.

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