Best Weight Loss Tips With Healthy Snacks


weight loss  There are various ways of snacking for health 0r energy, and we also need to keep the blood sugar level normal. There are certain tips to meet all these requirements, which are described here.

Only eat when hungry

Some people crave for chocolates, if it’s so with you that mean you are not hungry, so don’t have a snack or chocolate.

Your snack should have 150 calories

The snack should be a snack, not a meal so keep it small. This can satisfy your hunger until you take the regular meal. There are many recipes with low calories of which you can choose what you like.

Take nuts

Munching nuts is healthy, and you can take a handful of it as a snack, because it can satisfy you for two hours. You can have any nuts like almond, cashew, walnuts or peanuts instead of crackers. However, it should not be more than a handful.

Avoid bowl and eat in a plate

If you eat taking food from a bag, you will end up eating a lot. So whatever snack you like; place it in a plate in moderate amount and eat.

An apple a day

An apple with skin is a great snack, as it keeps you filled. Its rich in antioxidants, which help fight against free radicles in the blood. Fiber lowers down the cholesterol, and it is good in diabetes as it keeps the sugar level normal.

Make Banana smoothie

It’s also filling and you don’t feel like eating anything for long. You can make smoothie with yogurt. It also gives you potassium, and essential minerals.

Have crackers topped with peanut butter

Crackers become heavy when you eat a lot, so the best way is to have a few with little peanut butter over it. It keeps you filled, and you can have three crackers.  Those who don’t like peanut butter can also dress it up with any sauce made with fresh fruits like strawberry sauce, plum sauce, peach or mango sauce.

Enjoy vegetable soup

Vegetable soup is full of nutrition if you make it right. Like, you can make it spicy with sauce and spices. Just be creative with it and enjoy a smart snack. It also keeps you filled for hours till your regular meal.

Make candy with frozen grapes

Beat your candy craving with frozen grapes. You can keep it in the freezer for whole night in a plastic bag. It will act as a non-sugar candy for you; as grapes are cold so you don’t eat much and feel filled. In fact it’s a trick for the brain as you think that you ate a large snack.

Have salt free popcorn

These are not only healthy, but satisfy your hunger as well. They are rich in fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. However, don’t sprinkle it with salt, sugar or butter etc., just have plain popcorn.

All these snacks can easily satisfy your munching habit and they are healthy too.

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How Foods Help in Weight Loss?


a  There are many foods which help in weight loss, as fruits, vegetables, whole grain and husk, and the basic purpose of all is to have fiber because it fills the stomach. Fiber in both soluble and insoluble form is good for health, as it helps prevent certain diseases like high cholesterol, heart issues, constipation, cancer, and obesity, etc.

Husk: It’s a natural product which is easily available in the market. It’s a fiber that is easily soluble and has natural qualities to burn fat, reduces blood cholesterol, diabetes, blotting, acidity, and enhances the metabolism. For better results you should take it empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. You will soon notice a decrease in your weight in a month. You can take it twice or even thrice a week, like 3 table spoons are enough in a day.

 Whole grains: Avoid white flour and only have whole grain bread or pasta. If you can’t avoid biscuits, take only wheat cookies as they don’t have fat, and are full of fiber. You can also make pizza with whole grain pita bread which is easily available in the market, but sprinkle only low-fat cheese over it. Hence, you don’t have to cut off your favorite foods as there is solution for everything.

Fruits: Among fruits water melon and apple is full of fiber, however take watermelon in a moderate quantity if you are diabetic.  Other fruits are also healthy with alkaline elements which burn fat and protect our body from many diseases. Apple is highly recommended in a diet plan, because it fills the stomach and you don’t like having a large meal, besides everybody knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Grapefruit is another highly effective fruit in reducing fat, as it’s bitter so it has natural quality to reduce weight. You can take its juice daily and it also makes the skin fresh. You will soon notice a great change in you after a month of taking grapefruit regularly. Lemon is equally good, however you should take its juice mixed in water.

Vegetables: Especially, leafy vegetables which are rich in vitamin C are good in reducing fat, and raw form is suitable than cooked. Carrots, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli are all good in filling the stomach. You can make delicious salads with vegetables, vinegar and olive oil sprinkled. Soups are also good; however you can add soy sauce and lemon in it for taste. Instead of adding regular table salt, use sea salt which has organic qualities and it does not cause water retention.

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Lose Weight With Smart Snacks


Snacking is a good habit, but you should consider the nutritional facts of snacks because snacks don’t only satisfy your munching habits, instead they help lose weight. There are certain tips to use smart snacks for weight loss as:

  1.  Though, the research has shown that coffee is healthy in many ways, but it’s true only about black coffee, because cappuccino is full of calories as it has sugar and cream. According to an estimate, a cup of cappuccino has 150 calories. Instead of coffee you can have white tea like green tea, adding various flavors to it if you want. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants that protect our body from several diseases.
  2.  When it comes to snacks, chocolate attracts a lot, but do you know that a 50 gram chocolate bar contains 255 calories having 15 grams fat and 7 grams sugar. Its substitute can be protein bar with chocolate flavor, because the fat quantity is only 5 grams, whereas it has 15 grams protein and 10 grams carbohydrates.
  3.  Avoid dried fruits which are very sweet like raisins, dried mangoes, and dates, etc. The best substitute is the mixture of almonds and berries, as 50 grams of this mixture has only 100 calories. Berries are very healthy as they help build muscles, give lot of energy and also enhance human growth hormones.
  4. Diet yogurt is very popular these days, but the fact is it has more calories than natural yogurt. Cinnamon is also considered good in reducing weight so you can add one teaspoon of cinnamon in a small cup of natural yogurt. According to nutritionists there are 200 calories in a normal tub of diet yogurt, whereas the same amount of natural yogurt has only 160 calories.
  5. Avoid chocolate cookies because they are rich in sugar, butter, refined flour, and these are all unhealthy. The best replacement is cocoa ball, because cocoa as raw form is rich in antioxidants and it has no sugar. Cocoa also contains chromium that balances blood sugar levels, eventually help reduce weight. On the other hand chocolate cookies are rich in visceral fat causing diabetes and heart issues.

How to make cocoa ball?

 The ingredients include,

  • One cup of nuts.
  • Half cup of mixed seeds.
  • A few berries.
  • A dessert spoon of cocoa.

Mix all ingredients in a blender and make small balls; you can sprinkle some cocoa powder on it with shredded coconut. Freeze it before serving using an airtight container.

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Easy Ways to Flatten Your Belly


52814fd16f2d04e09d0e0576cbb1a952Though, everyone wants to stay fit but hard exercises are not easy for all. Some people seem slim but have fat belly which make them awkward. Here are some easy ways to flatten the belly.

  1. Circuit training is a good way to reduce belly fast; it also kills fat and strengthens the muscles. The exercise involves both pull-ups and push-ups having 15 repetitions per set. Do it three times a week, but follow it with one minute rope jumping before starting. One workout will help reduce 600 calories.
  2. Concentrate on abdominal muscles three times a week. The workout involves leg raises, and crunches. You can do it in three sets with 20 repetitions, whereas you can also use planks. You should hold the body with pushups on elbows. Four sets are enough for 30 to 60 seconds.
  3. While reducing the tummy, always focus on healthy diet avoiding junk food completely. You should take fruits, vegetables and wholegrain products, like pastas and breads. You can also take chicken, fish and lean beef. Don’t avoid dairy products; instead take low-fat food avoiding sugary or processed foods and use organic diet.
  4. Try to have less sodium so that your body doesn’t retain water, because it also increases weight. You can use other spices or black salt for taste.

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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips


1Weight loss success depends on the hard work like workout and healthy diet. Below are some tips shared by the people who are physically fit.

  1. You don’t need to go for any strict diet plan as it will make you weak. Those who don’t much like fruits or vegetables should be happy, because there are many low-fat products available in the market, e.g. cheese, bread spread, and low-fat butter.  You can also use olive oil in salads.
  2.  Keep a record in your notebook, like what kind of food you take daily, so that you can see your progress.
  3.  Keep yourself motivated to reduce weight in different ways.  Place the invitation card of a coming event in the kitchen, so that you stay away from unhealthy diet. Display weight  loss quotes on the wall for a guidance.
  4.  Also place scale in the kitchen.
  5.  You don’t need to keep the old clothes, instead      update your wardrobe with every inch you lose, as this will make you      happy.
  6.  Regular tasks will keep you fit including, exercise, walk, swimming and cycling, etc.
  7.  Don’t take excessive alcohol.
  8.  Avoid too much stress as it will direct you  towards more food. Use yoga, or meditation to reduce stress.
  9. Don’t lose hope when the results get delayed, and continue what you are doing for weight loss.
  10. You should also join the support group in your area to stay motivated.

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